Nail The Perfect Manicure With This Beauty Hack

Wave goodbye to your mani woes with perfectly polished nails (every time)


by Danielle Fowler |
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Yes, in an ideal world we would all be blessed with Insta-worthy manicures freshly painted at the salon, every day of the year.

But let’s be real, we often find ourselves scrambling to slather our nails mid-commute, intoxicating fellow passengers with the heady fumes of nail polish. Or we’ll hide behind our computer screens at work, desperate to rectify smudged nails ahead of obligatory Friday night drinks.

But what if there was a tool that would enable you to perfect every brushstroke, every topcoat and every touch-up post-smudge? It sounds like a beauty junkie's dream world, right?

Wrong. Even the worst self-manicurists can rejoice! Prepare for all of your wildest mani goals to come into fruition as we introduce the Tweexy. AKA the answer to all of our mani woes.

Designed to be worn on your hand, you can paint your nails from the sofa, the train, a plane or even your bed (without fear of stain-inducing spillage).

We’re talking perfect manicures every single time as the Tweexy is compatible with nail polishes of all shapes and sizes. Be it a topcoat, an acrylic or that final effort to combat nail-biting.

Once you’ve finished perfecting your mani on one hand, simply squeeze the sides of the finger holes to transfer the Tweexy to your next hand, without risk of pesky polish bubbles. And you can even use the nifty device for perfecting your pedi.

So now you too can wave adieu to poorly polished nails as you can bag yourself a Tweexy here. You can keep up to date with all of their latest goings on by following them on Instagram here. Nailed it.

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