Sophy Robson Reveals Her Tips for Getting Your Nails Spring-Ready

Sophy Robson's Tips For Spring-Ready Nails

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The sun has got his hat on and that means our thoughts are turning to all things Spring - at last! Here on the Beauty Desk, we're starting with our digits and who better to turn to for advice than nail queen Sophy Robson? We grilled her how to keep our nails in tip top shape...

** Grazia Daily: What nail trends will we be seeing this Spring including shape and length?**

Sophy: Generally with runway if it's natural nails I like a round oval shape with a slight tip. The main trend to come on the SS15 runways was nude nails, but in the real world I see a predominance of pastel colours, particularly blues and lilacs. I've read recently that long pointy nails are no longer in but I will always love that look and I know loads of cool girls who still have them! Personally I'm switching to a shorter tapered square shape. I'm loving a 90s French tip with this look, try using La Roque Diamond Manicure set.

Grazia Daily: What are your top colour picks for this Spring?

Sophy: I am loving Pop and acid colours. Bright hot pink is always a summer go to it looks lovely paired with a lighter pastel pink or green. There’s a great pink in Leighton Denny’s SS15 collection ‘Welcome to the Funfair’.

What is the best way to prep our nails that we have had hidden away during the winter months? (Any secrets or home remedies as well as products to use)

Sophy: Nails become dehydrated through winter so first things first they need enriching with a good cuticle oil. The cuticles will probably need some attention but I don't believe in cutting the cuticles. Get into the habit of applying oil and hand cream regularly to improve the condition of the nails and skin. Natural oils like almond or coconut work well too.


**Grazia Daily: How important is it to wear base and top coats?

**Sophy: **Very important, I cannot stress this enough; base coat helps the polish grip to the nail bed so it lasts longer and prevents staining and top coat helps polish dry quicker and prevents smudging.

Grazia Daily: What’s your secret to treating split or damaged nails?

**Sophy: **File them down and use a nail strengthener. Bio Treatment Regime is my favourite or there is a really good cream called Renovate which you can rub in every day if you are good at that kind of treatment. It starts working within a few days. Daily nail oiling is also a must to help nails and skin grow healthy and strong especially after the harsh winter months. Intense Manicure Oil works a treat.

Grazia Daily: How do you treat dry hands and feet that have been damaged in the colder Winter months?

**Sophy: **If skin is really dry and cracked I use a buffer to smooth the skin down and then use a really good quality hand cream. Sisley A is my favourite and Leighton Denny do a cheaper version called Best Defence.


Grazia Daily: How often should we be using a treatment on our nails?**

**Sophy: **If they are really bad start with every day for the first couple of weeks then you can drop down to once a week and use the treatment as a base coat.

Grazia Daily: What is your top tip to avoid nail varnish from chipping?

Sophy: The nail plate needs to be degreased and prepared properly for the polish to last; you do this by lightly buffering and then using the remover as a degreaser. After this apply thin even coats and use a quick drying topcoat.

Grazia Daily: What’s you hero Leighton Denny product?

Sophy: I think I've made it very public that the Precision Corrector Liquid & Brush is my absolute must have for nail art. No other brand has it.

Grazia Daily: What accessories/jewellery can help make our Spring manicures stand out? (Would love to hear if Sophy has any favourite jewellery or accessory brands)

**Sophy: **I love above knuckle rings and geometric shape and chevron rings. I don't really wear rings because of work. I'm a bit late to the party but I'm going to be buying some soon as when I take an Instagram photo I wish I had some. They look great with nails. At the Ryan Lo show at fashion week O Thongthai did some gorgeous semi crystal rings. I'm not sure if that’s the official name for them but the ones that don't go all the way round the finger.I've been looking at Wolf and Badger they've got lots of cool new independent jewellery designers and I'm a big fan of Katie hillier.

Grazia Daily: What advice do you have on matching nails with our Spring wardrobe?

**Sophy: **Pastels especially peach are my go to for neutral spring toes, you could try Leighton Denny Ticket to Thrill, also part of their summer ‘Funfair’ range.


Grazia Daily: What products do you never leave the house without?**

**Sophy: **Lipgloss (usually pink) and face powder mainly, preferably Chanel.


**Grazia Daily: What exciting projects have you got coming up for Spring?

**Sophy: **I've just been working at the W hotel spa in Bali and they are interested in me doing some more pop ups for them in other countries so that will be fun. Other than that it's the usual fashion shoots and video how to’s keeping me busy.


Sophy Robson's Spring Picks From Leighton Denny

Ticket to Thrill
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£11 - Leighton Denny

Leighton Denny SS15
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The full collection for Spring Summer '15

Intense Manicure Oil
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£22 - Leighton Denny

Best Defence Hand Cream
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£9 - Leighton Denny

Precision Corrector and Mini Brush
5 of 7

£11 - Leighton Denny

Crystal Finish Top Coat Leighton Denny Nails
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Leighton Denny

Kiss Me Quick
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£11 - Leighton Denny

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