This Beauty Brand Just Launched The First Halal-Friendly Nail Polish Collection

Halal friendly nail polish by Orly and

by Katie Rosseinsky |

It’s taken a (very) long time, but many beauty brands are finally taking notice of calls for greater inclusivity and diversity, whether that’s through better representation in advertising campaigns or by launching products that cater to a wider range of ethnicities and cultures.

Until now, though, it’s been hard for Muslim women to find a nail polish that doesn’t conflict with their religious practices. Wudu, an ablution undertaken before prayer, requires water to be able to touch every part of the body, but nail polish creates a barrier that prevents this.

Halal friendly nail polish by Orly and ©

That’s where Orly’s ‘breathable’ varnish collaboration with comes in: all six shades of the #HalalPaint are halal-certified, and allow moisture to pass through the polish. Made with nourishing ingredients like argan oil and Vitamin C, and with names like ‘Ig-Noor the Haters,’ ‘What the Fatima?’ and ‘The Perfect Amani-cure,’ the limited edition collection fills a gap in the beauty market that has long been overlooked.

‘Collaborating on a breathable nail polish line for Muslim women means creating space for them in the beauty industry by making options available that cater to their needs,’ founder Amani Al-Khatahbeh told Refinery29. ‘Not only is #HalalPaint legit halal-certified but it’s an answer to a beauty practice that some Muslims have otherwise found to be difficult coupled with their religious practise.’

Halal friendly nail polish by Orly and ©

‘The beauty industry is responding to this, responding to us, and making way for us. It’s an important moment to be a part of.’

Retailing at $49 (or approximately £38), the collection is available for pre-order on, and will ship from July 1st.

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