Ocean Nails Have Taken Nail Art To The Next Level And We’re Obsessed

Nail art just got next-level with these ocean inspired nail designs

Ocean Nails Nail Art

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Let's talk ocean nails. We love nail art. Have you noticed? And so far there have been heaps of manicure trends this year to keep us going. From rosé-all-day nails (yep, that's nails painted your favourite shade of Whispering Angel blush, find out more here) totortoiseshell patterned nails and even a brand new modern-day spin on that classic French manicure look, the manicure trends have been flooding in and we're not mad about it. The next nail art trend on our radar involves a much needed dose of vitamin sea. Manicurists the world over have been honing their skills to depict miniature paintings of the sea or of waves on their client's nails. Now, unless you've got a set of false nails that you're prepping yourself at home and you back your abilities with a tiny-tipped nail art brush, this is likely to be one nail look that you're going to want to leave to a pro - and a highly skilled pro at that. That said, there is one easy-to-master way to cheat the ocean nails effect at home and the video below shows you how:

Watch: Ocean Nails The Easy Way

So what exactly will you need for that look? A pale blue polish, try OPI's Nail Lacquer in Mexico City Move-Mint, £13.90, and a deeper blue nail polish, try Nailberry's L'Oxygéné Oxygenated Nail Lacquer in Santorini, £14.50. Make sure you've got some cling film to hand as well as your usual base coat and top coat and you're good to go.

Booking In For The Ocean Nails Look

If you're heading in-salon to lock down the ocean nails look, however, it's advisable to send ahead some pictures for inspiration ahead of your appointment. That way your manicurist can let you know if a) they have enough time - this is an intricate look that can't be rushed, and b) whether they feel confident having a go at the ocean nails look in the first place. Oh, and as for finding that visual inspiration, look no further. We've rounded up the best ocean nail looks in the business right here.

Browse: The Best Ocean Nail Art Inspiration Around


Ocean Nail Art

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