Spray On Nail Polish Is Here To Rescue Lazy Girls Everywhere

The World's First Spray-On Nail Polish Is Coming


by Grazia |

If you struggle to get a professional finish mani at home, and have always really liked Banksy, then this is for you - you can now spray-paint your own nails with polish, safely, neatly and in less than a few minutes.

Nails Inc, who are bringing out the Paint Can Polish, £10, have always been innovators in the nail world. Their NailKale range, infused with everyone's favourite leafy green vegetable is a miracle for damaged nails, and their chic packaging sits atop many an A-List dressing table.

But Paint Can, by any account, is truly something different.

The premise is simple - just apply a base coat (not to be skipped, as the polish won't adhere to bare nails) then spray the can over your fingers, and quickly wipe up any excess polish on your fingers with face wipes.

There's two colours to choose from - a bright pink Hoxton Market, and a shimmery silver Shoreditch Lane.

Launching on November 12th from nailsinc.com, we're predicting a sell-out of this truly miraculous product.

Whatever next? Finger-painting contour? Magnetic eyeliner flicks? Self-cutting scissors for hair? What a time to be alive.

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