Logo Manicures Are The Latest Nail Trend

Fingertips just got funky...

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by Arianna Chatzidakis |

Over the last couple of years, nail art has become increasingly more daring. We've seen celebrities and bloggers experiment with unusual nail shapes and trends like bracelet nails, as well as other wacky designs emerge. And now, we're going to introduce you to something inspired by the catwalk: logo manicures.

Inspired by the Balenciaga Fall 2017 runway show, which saw models take to the catwalk with the brand's iconic 'B' painted onto their nails, the trend seems to have gained traction, especially with other major fashion houses. Marc Jacobs, for example, created customized manicures which spelled out the designer's name across the models' 10 fingertips. A similar look was spotted at Kenzo, but with bold blue and yellow colouring to match the brand's aesthetic.

Japanese-born nail expert Mei Kawajiri, who was the mastermind behind the Balenciaga logo manicures, regularly posts her nail art designs to Instagram, to showcase her hand-painting skills:

For something a little more subtle, draw inspiration from artist and Gucci ambassador Petra Collins. To promote Gucci's new fragrance launch, she opted for a simplistic pale pink mani, which was embossed with a gold-lettered Gucci logo sticker and matching gemstones. Très chic.

While this trend has been fuelled by designer brands, you don't necessarily need to print a branded fashion house's name onto your nails to work the trend. Instead, you could opt for a phrase, your own name or a partner's initials - each will make for a much more wearable, and personal look.

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