Jennifer Lopez Just Got Some Ben Affleck Inspired Nail Art And The Internet Is Obsessed

If you can tear your eyes off her engagement ring you'll spot it

Jennifer Lopez Ben Affleck

by Laura Capon |

First Kim Kardashian, now Jennifer Lopez, is it even true love anymore if you don't depict your relationship status on your nails?

Cast your mind back to last week and Kim's pink mani which featured a Y2K-style 'P' in rhinestones on her ring finger.

While we're sure Kim is an incredible Auntie, that 'P' likely wasn't intended Penelope her niece, rather for boyfriend Pete Davidson. This week none other than Jennifer Lopez has followed suit, wearing her heart on her nails with a touch of Ben Affleck inspired nail art.

Celebrity manicurist Tom Bachik shared a picture of his latest work with Jlo and not only did it give us an opportunity to marvel at the star's sweet gesture, it also gave us a chance to see that engagement ring up close.

Estimated to be worth $5 to $7 million by Bloomberg, the 8.5 carat cushion cut green diamond (complete with white diamonds on either side) doesn't look like something you'd feel comfortable leaving on the side while you do the dishes.

And if, while being blinded by the gleam of those 8.5 carats, you had a moment of confusion over who the giver of said ring was, all you'd have to do is look to the nail above it.

There in a gilded, old English font you can see a 'J' and a 'B', for Jennifer and Ben, 2022's sweethearts, the couple that ended their original engagement in 2004 and reunited 17 years later.

A love story romantic enough to justify nail art? We think so.

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