Harry Styles Delights With A Skittles Manicure

Turns out Harry Styles is a fan of a new less than subtle manicure trend.

Harry Styles

by Annie Vischer |
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Harry Styles' recent stint on SNL was memorable for many reasons, not least because he sparked our imaginations for future manicure looks. If you haven't heard of skittle nails already, you can bet your bottom dollar it will start rearing its colourful head on your social media feeds now.

Harry Styles

If you need a visual reference immediately, type #skittlenails into your Instagram search bar and there you have it. A wealth of manicure looks, some of which adhere more to the gradient nail trend, and others which gleam bright in all their primary coloured glory. Harry didn't hold back when it came to his look either.

It's worth noting though, that SNL wasn't Mr Styles' real Skittle nails debut. When he performed with Stevie Nicks earlier this year he rocked a similar look. This guy has always been ahead of the curve in the fashion stakes, so why not beauty too?

Our tips when it comes to recreating this look for yourself? Keep tones, not colours matching. Wear pastels with pastels, primary shades with primary shades, gem colours with gem colours. Of course there are no real rules when it comes to this look, but having some common theme among the colours does draw the overall effect together and make things look less like the result of a nail polish sampling session in Boots.

Who knew that Harry Styles would be the source of such mani mania? All credit to the guy, he's turned our head towards ballsy bright colours, proving that the multi coloured nail trend isn't just for teenagers. Looks like it's well and truly time to taste the rainbow.

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