Bracelet Nails Are The Latest Beauty Trend We’re Obsessed With

Another week, another new nail trend.

bracelet nails

by Elizabeth Bennett |

It’s not just our skincare that has had a Korean makeover of late, it’s nails too.

At the forefront of the Seoul nail art movement is one particular artist, Eun Kyung Park of nail studio and salon, Unistella (if you’re a nail art fan you need to give her Instagram a follow).

She’s one seriously talented lady, and responsible for two of the most recent viral nail trends - shattered glass nails and negative space nails.

Now, she’s back with another winner: bracelet nails.

Inspired by friendship bracelets (remember those?), Park uses real string, rhinestones and tiny metal charms to create beautiful intricate designs.

The look is pretty minimalistic and Park creates the delicate design by painting the nail in a neutral colour before applying a small amount of embellishment.

Each nail is unified by having a line — like that of a bracelet — that runs along each fingernail. Pretty cool, eh?

If you want to give this a go you’re going to need a seriously steady hand. If you think you’re up for challenge, we suggest taking a trip to the craft shop for materials and clearing a good few hours in your diary. This is no fast fix...

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