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Whether you're a serial nail-biter, gone a little OTT on the gels or just can't stop picking at your polish, getting stronger nails is probably at the top of your beauty wishlist. Plus, there's little more frustrating than seeing your artfully-applied lacquer chip away thanks to weak nails.

Never fear - help is at hand. We've rounded up a holistic shopping list to tackle the problem at the root, and also keep your mani pristine for longer.

How do I know if my nails are healthy?

We spoke to Sharmadean Read recently, founder of WAH Nails, who told us what a healthy nail looks like: “A healthy white nail with a slightly pink glow – this signifies blood flow – and a long smooth nail bed that has a clean edge, which is strong, snag free and around 2-3mm long. The skin around the nail should also be considered; no biting, no hangnails and try to maintain clean, neat cuticles.” Also, her total no-nos? “Don't use MMA acrylic and PLEASE DON’T pull off your nail extensions or gels. Treat your nails like jewels not tools!”

Okay... #guilty! How do I improve my nails?

Having good nails is a whole lifestyle choice – you can’t brush on a magic ointment and suddenly have rock-hard talons. Unfortunately, it’s a whole process, involving infrequent polish removal (it strips the nails), good diet rich in Omegas and B Vitamins, avoiding prolonged water exposure and keeping them neat and tidy.

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Finally, what products do I need to make my nails strong and healthy?

Click through the gallery to see more products to help get your talons back to jewel-like state…


10 Hot Nail Products

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00015688-000 Huile Abricot

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Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Cream4 of 10

Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Cream

NT020 Choc Pot - Orange Chocolate5 of 10

NT020 Choc Pot - Orange Chocolate

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deborah lippman

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seche vite

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nails inc

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