These Nail Looks Are Proof You Should Try Something New For Autumn

Just wait until you see the puppy themed look!

Autumn Nails

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Autumn has well and truly arrived and with it comes a whole host of new nail looks to get stuck into. With loungewear being the most exciting our outfits tend to get these days it's down to our nails and manicures to spread the joy and keep us feeling put together and glam. Yes, people notice nails on Zoom calls too! Brighten yours up and you'll soon be reeling in those digital compliments.

So where to start? Autumn used to mean you switched from the bright gel polishes of summer to the deeper dark-cherry-esque hues that the wintery months call for and, don't get us wrong, we still have a lot of love for that Merlot shade of polish, but there are so many more looks out there to consider.

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Instagram @imarninails
©Instagram @imarninails

The Nail Art Revival

In case you hadn't noticed, through the social media based powers that be, nail art is back in a big way. This year we saw the resurgence of the French manicure and boy has it come a long way since its 90s heyday! Browse the best new-gen French manicure looks right here. Then there's the rose quartz effect look, tortoiseshell nails and even tie-dye nails! The possibilities are genuinely endless.

Instagram @overglowedit
©Instagram @overglowedit

Autumnal Hues

When it comes to this season it's all about tuning into those autumnal hues. Thing amber, tan, russet, terracotta, they're all there for the taking. Try mixing clear polished sections of nail with block colours too - the effect is modern and surprisingly low-maintenance. All fired up for some nail inpiration ahead of your upcoming manicure appointment? Browse the best of the bunch below. You won't be disappointed. There's even a puppy themed manicure!

Browse: The Best Autumn Nail Looks Around


Best Autumn Nail Looks 2020

Best Autumn Nail Looks 20201 of 15

Tartan Talons

It's not just tartan scarves that are trending this season, our nails want in on the action too. Just check out @amyle.nails cherry red and silver plaid pattern for inspo.

Best Autumn Nail Looks 20202 of 15

The Star Stickers

Cheat an intricate nail art design with Ciate's Nail Stickers (as seen here). Simply stick on to bare nails before sealing with a top coat. Easy! Shop them here.

Best Autumn Nail Looks 20203 of 15

Cool in Caramel

While we might not be able to perfect the reverse mani detail, we're definitely drawing inspiration from these caramel and chocolate tones painted on by @bw.nails.

Best Autumn Nail Looks 20204 of 15

The Colour Clash

Deep reds and pale blues sum up a sunny, crisp Autumnal day which is why this mani from @overglowedit is so on point this season. To dial it down, try alternating between blue and red on your nails.

Best Autumn Nail Looks 20205 of 15

The Ultimate Autumn Look

We're head over heels for this look from @imarninails, there's so much to love. There's that subtle nude base, the intricate nail art and even pressed flowers! Sign. Us. Up.

Best Autumn Nail Looks 20206 of 15

The Jade Effect

This jade effect look from @isabelmaynails is something else. We love the touch of it on the nail tip and that flash of gold.

Best Autumn Nail Looks 20207 of 15

The Colour Block

This look is doable at home if you have a steady hand, otherwise head to the source of the look @mytownhouseuk or your local salon for the pro level version.

Best Autumn Nail Looks 20208 of 15

The Merlot Manicure

You can't go wrong with a deep Merlot shade of manicure once the weather turns. This look will always be a firm favourite, especially at @mytownhouseuk.

Best Autumn Nail Looks 20209 of 15

The Diagonal Split

Juxtapositioning a block autumnal colour against a glossy dose of clear polish never gets old. We love this look from @imarninails.

Best Autumn Nail Looks 202010 of 15

The Vamped Up French Manicure

This vamped up take on a French manicure is exactly the sort of manicure look that Autumn calls for. Renowned nail artist Michelle Humphrey (@nailsbymh) is responsible for this stunner.

Best Autumn Nail Looks 202011 of 15

The Puppy Nails

How could we not be obsessed with this nail look that features an image transfer of a very special puppy! This manicure (courtesy of @overglowedit) takes nail art to a whole new level.

Best Autumn Nail Looks 202012 of 15

The New Red

@imarninails is at it again, we're head over heels for this russet take on a classic red manicure.

Best Autumn Nail Looks 202013 of 15

The 70s Vibes

There's something of the 70s vibe about this latest look from @overglowedit and those autumnal hues had us at hello.

Best Autumn Nail Looks 202014 of 15

The Designer Look

Yes those are Versace inspired French tips from @drybylondon, you're welcome.

Best Autumn Nail Looks 202015 of 15

The Porcelain Print Manicure

This porcelain print manicure from @overgloweditcan do no wrong in our eyes.

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