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Make-up should empower you, says Winnie Harlow, the model-of-the-moment shaking up the beauty industry...

winnie harlow beauty makeup

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Since her first televised foray into modelling in 2014 on_America’s Next Top Model_, Canadian-born Winnie Harlow’s world has been a whirlwind of cover shoots, catwalks, global campaigns and red-carpet moments. Not forgetting her career-defining appearance in Beyoncé’s visual album,Lemonade, that secured her spot as a prominent rising star to watch. Now, with 3.4 million Instagram followers and counting, she’s often cited as the face of her generation, who champions diversity, inclusivity and female empowerment. Here, we asked Winnie to choose the make-up looks that most empower her – ones that help her feel confident and in control. From red lipstick to bold blue eyes, take a leaf from Winnie’s book and don’t be afraid to venture into the unknown. You might just be pleasantly surprised..


winnie harlow beauty makeup

winnie harlow beauty makeup
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INTO THE BLUE'Being brave enough to try something out of your make-up comfort zone is empowering – I think everyone should do it.'

winnie harlow beauty makeup
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BRONZE AGE 'Metallic bronze shades are beautiful, and they make me feel that way when I wear them.'

winnie harlow beauty makeup
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winnie harlow beauty makeup
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winnie harlow beauty makeup
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LASH EFFECT'Bold lashes are the red lips of eyes. They instantly highlight, draw attention and bring everything together.'

winnie harlow beauty makeup
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RED SIGNAL'The colour red is inherently powerful. It feels strong but feminine worn on the lips and always makes a statement.'

Winnie On...

Discovering the power of make-up

‘My first experience of make-up was playing with my mom’s products, even though they weren’t the right shades for me. Then, when I reached 14 and started going out with friends, I began experimenting with high street products to make myself feel good. I’d pile on mascara to highlight my eyelashes and load up on bronzer and lip gloss.’

Bad experiences

‘My worst make-up experiences have been when working with make-up artists who don’t have the base shades to suit my skin. is has happened multiple times, including fashion weeks, so now I bring my own products along to make sure everything goes smoothly.’

Finding inspiration

‘I’m constantly watching YouTube videos. If I’m going to an event and I’m doing my own make-up, I look for inspiration for a look that complements my out to and then I’ll go on to YouTube to search for a how-to tutorial. I particularly like watching Jackie Aina and Carli Bybel.’

Holiday heroes

‘I wouldn’t go away without pure avocado oil. It melts into my skin and breaks everything down, so I use it to remove make-up and moisturise. Then I’ll always have at least one Dior Lip Glow in my bag. I use the clear shade because I like the natural colour of my lips and their defined outline.’

Brow goals

‘I avoid colouring in my brows in one thick block. Instead, I use a brow pencil to create light strokes that mimic my natural hairs and use a brush to comb them through.’

Hair health

‘When you truly damage your hair there is nothing you can do to reverse it – you have to cut it off and wait until healthier hair grows back in its place. To give it a helping hand, I love MoroccanOil products, including the oil, shampoo and masks. I also use a growth-boosting vitamin supplement’

Rebuilding confidence

‘I was a confident child growing up, but that changed for a time when I was bullied at school. As an adult, I gained my confidence back by asking myself, “Why do I care what other people think?” And now I don’t. If I were to come face-to-face with those bullies today, I wouldn’t say a word. Their thoughts are irrelevant.’

Dealing with bullies

‘If I was advising my best friend on bullies I would first ask them, “Why are you doubting yourself ?” Once you get to the core reason [for self doubt] you can start to work on making it over those barriers that are holding you back.’

Instagram downfalls

‘Social media is a powerful outlet for anything you want to voice. This can be both a positive and dangerous thing, depending on whose hands it’s in.’

The pinch-me moment

‘Photographer Nick Knight flew me to London when I was 19 for a shoot at SHOWstudio and then booked me for my first big campaign with Diesel. It was such a pivotal moment in my career and it hasn’t stopped since.’

Life advice

‘My grandfather often told my mom, do what you love because you’ll be doing it for the rest of your life. I’m lucky that I really love what I do.'

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