‘I’m Shook’: The Triangle Concealer Hack That’s Blurring Away TikTokers’ Dark Circles

It eliminates dark circles and gives the illusion of lift according to pros in the know

Triangle concealer method

by Sameeha Shaikh |
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Make-up application techniques vary from pro to pro, from influencer to influencer. Some apply it with their hands, others are brush loyalists. And the order of application counts for something too. Some like to contour before applying foundation for example. And then there's TikTok's latest hack. 'Triangle concealer' has amassed 3.2 billion views on TikTok - and counting - and beauty influencers are lauding it for its dark circle blurring effects.

The 'triangle concealer' method sees TikTokers paint a minimum of three small triangles of concealer onto the inner corners of the under eyes, the sides of the nose and the corners of the lower lips. See below for a visual:

Watch: The Triangle Concealer Hack Taking Over TikTok

It began with TikToker @l_dbeauty's take on the technique. Since that landed swarms of TikTokers have been putting it to the test. After trialing it on herself, Charmie Jane says she was left 'shook' by the results, which 'instantly brightens dark circles and [the] overall complexion using just concealer!'

'This is perfect for those who love using minimal make-up and looking for a quick way to even out skin tone,' she adds. Looking for a quick route to Molly-Mae's favourite 'snatural' look? TikTok has found it.

Make-up artist and expert at False Eyelashes, Saffron Hughes says it's a verified game-changer. 'The great thing about this triangle method is that you can actually forego your usual contour shade and blush, and solely get the lifting benefits from where the concealer is applied. It’s genius!'

How to do the 'triangle concealer' method right

Keen to try the hack yourself? Saffron points out that the placement of triangles is key. Start with the eyes by using a small concealer brush to paint a small triangle underneath the inner corner of your eyes. 'It’s important you aren’t too heavy handed with this - the triangle should be no bigger than a third of the length of your nose. The triangle shape highlights a high impact area without the excess use of product,' all while brightening and covering shadows.

Next, draw a triangle right next to your nostrils, working out towards your cheeks. 'Not only does this reduce the appearance of smile lines, it contours the nose and makes it look smaller at the same time,' adds Saffron.

Finally, apply a triangle under either side of your outer lips. 'It almost gives a hint of a smile. Brightening this area can create the illusion of a lifted pout. It can also reduce the appearance of marionette lines.'

Main image: TikTok @charmiejanee, @glambby_ and @lenkalul

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