The £15 Product That Will Supercharge Your Concealer

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by Victoria Hall |
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Dark under eye circles are something that almost all of us suffer with on a regular basis. And, we’ve all had those mornings when no amount of concealer will camouflage the purple-y bags even if the label promises to brighten. The issue is that eye brightening concealers tend to be sheerer in texture and don’t provide the fuller coverage required to disguise the fact we didn’t get enough sleep last night.

'Concealer is a make-up bag wonder taking over blemishes, redness and even dark circles,' says make-up artist Carly Hobbs. 'While its coverage skill set is impressive, it's not the one for evening out discolouration.'

Enter Cover FX Correct Click. If you’re not au fait with colour correctors, this might just change your life, or at least your complexion. The peach toned stick makes light work of dark under eye circles and is incredibly lightweight, so your skin doesn’t feel heavy or caked in product after you’ve layered on your concealer. The ‘Peach’ shade will work for pale skin tones, while darker darker skin tones should opt for ‘Orange’ and very dark tones should look to ‘Brick’.

While it only adds an extra couple of seconds to your morning make-up routine, there is a specific method of application: 'The key is to tap your colour corrector on,' says Hobbs. 'If you rub it on you’ll diminish the light-reflecting powers.' Once you’ve applied it, you’ll notice an immediate reduction in darkness, especially in the inner corners of your eyes. And, once it’s on you don’t have to keep reapplying.

Admittedly there are plenty of colour correctors on the market and if you are on a tighter budget, we’d recommend exploring Max Factor’s CC Sticks, from £9.99, although the shade range is a little more restrictive.

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