Why Is The Internet So Obsessed With Space NK’s £16 Travel Bags?

Here's why they are a sell-out success.

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by Sameeha Shaikh |
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Unpopular opinion: I love packing. Well, I have done since I discovered the ASMR-worthy world of packing cubes. Undergarments? There's a cube for that. Shoes? Grab a cube. There are even cubes for your dirty laundry for when the time comes. But nothing gives me more satisfaction than packing my beauty kit (unpopular opinion number two). Ahead of any trip, I leave my beauty essentials alone until the very last moment. Why? Practically speaking, I usually need to reach for them before leaving the house – my trusty SPF or a last lick of concealer, you know, the pre-flight essentials – and then there's my Space NK Travel Bags, from £16, which take packing from gruelling to gratifying.

Space NK Travel Bags
Sameeha's Space NK Travel Bags

I'm not the only one who is obsessed. Scroll through the endless vortex of #makeupbags on TikTok and you'll quickly find that Space NK's Travel Bags dominate. For one, they are easy on the eye, clean-looking and available in an array of bright, dopamine-inducing colour ways, from neon orange to cerulean blue. Then there's functionality. The travel essentials are transparent for easy reaching and come in various sizes from mini, perfect for over-packing the plentiful lip products you can't decide between, to large, which will easily fit your larger body or haircare products. Think of them as the chic answer to Amazon's packing cubes that will neatly house any kind of beauty product while you're busy on your travels.

Space NK is well aware of the buzz surrounding its Travel Bags, so much so it occasionally releases Travel Edits, which include a Travel Bag full to the brim with the very best of beauty in miniature form – think: Supergoop's Unseen Sunscreen and Sol de Janeiro's Bum Bum Cream. The bags are so popular, in the last year they have driven over £1 million in sales which is +164% against the previous year. If you've recently tried to add one to cart and found it's unavailable, that's down to the bags being a sell out success – they've sold out multiple times and outperformed expected sales. But worry not, our sources tell us a restock is landing this week, ready for Easter weekend. That said, a limited few are still up for grabs. Run, don't walk.

Shop: The Space NK Travel Bag

Available in an arrange of colours and sizes, these stylish-cum-practical travel essentials are an easy way to get organised on your travels. I've taken to the line's large bags which really do help me to stay organised and house all I need while I'm away – whether it's my XXL cleansing balm or my leave in conditioner that is a touch too big.


  • Transparent for easy reaching
  • Stylish and functional
  • Available in various colours and sizes


  • Known to sell out

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