How To Get Siren Eyes, TikTok’s Latest Viral Trend

Guaranteed to be your new 'out, out' make-up look

tiktok siren eyes trend

by Laura Capon |

Yes, TikTok is a great place to procrastinate, to extend your screen time and to be comforted knowing that you're not alone with your intrusive thoughts, but it's also a place to help you get out of your make-up rut.

I don't know about you, but post pandemic, my 'out, out' make-up isn't all that different from 'in, in' make-up. But this latest TikTok trend might just give me and hopefully you, the inspiration I'm lacking.

While other TikTok trends have been on the problematic side (looking at you fox eye lift), siren eyes isn't about culturally appropriating other eye shapes, rather upping the sultriness of yours.

Danielle Marcan was one of the first influencers to start the trend, explaining that she wanted to make her eyes look less round and more elongated.

While everyone has their own method of application, my favourite is using a piece of sellotape as a guide. Take off most of the stickiness by pressing it on your clothes first and then apply from the outer edge of your eye in a diagonal line upwards. Basically here you are using the tape as a stencil for your wing.

Then using a brown shadow that is darker than your skin tone, blend a blown out wing. Define it with your choice of pencil or liquid liner in a black or deeper brown shade and diffuse over the top with a powder shadow.

Finish by adding your liner in a v shape at the inner corner of your eye.

Watch TikTokers Try The Siren Eyes Trend

If you're looking for an eyeliner recommendation, may I suggest Make Up By Mario's Master Pigment Pro Pencil aka the best one I have ever found as it's creamy enough to blend but then doesn't smudge and yes, 'The Perfect Brown' shade really does live up to it's name.


How To Get Siren Eyes, TikTok's Latest Viral Trend - Grazia 2022

TikTok siren eyes trend
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