New Season Beauty Trend: Paint The Rainbow


by Rose Beer |
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After seasons of minimal, barely-there beauty looks, colour is well and truly back for spring. And everywhere from Missoni to, Marc Jacobs, Roksanda and Chanel designers and backstage beauty teams promoted an independence of spirit and attitude where experimentation is welcome and idiosyncrasy is key.

'This season’s brave and eclectic colour-use challenges not just the notion of model uniformity, but also the heavy use of contour that we have seen recently,' explains makeup artist Polly Osmond. 'There’s a genuine playfulness, honesty and ease that makes it feel very modern too. This is carefree makeup that can be worn by anyone and in any way.' Here’s how...

Mix it up

©David Oldham

When seeking to make a brave beauty statement take the time to consider your design – a few minutes of careful experimentation will guarantee your success. 'Cast your mind back to your school art classes and think about which colours complement each other,' advises Polly. 'Forget hard lines and blend your chosen pigments into one another for a soft and modern finish.'

Think Pink

©David Oldham

This summer the world’s biggest face painters challenged the view that pink eye shadow is a no-go, with beautiful rose-toned pigments gracing model lids everywhere from Giambattista Valli to Lanvin and Suno. 'Executed correctly, pink really works,' says Polly. 'The trick is to find one that isn't anywhere near your skin tone. Instead go fluro, candy or pastel and you’re onto a surefire winner.' Still nervous? Try a fine flick of liner instead.

Green Flash

©David Oldham

Green probably isn’t your current beauty go-to, but we have it on good authority that there’s nothing like a pop of emerald to grab attention in a very good way. 'Jewel greens actually work on nearly all skin tones,' advises Polly. 'Just be brave and aim for a bold, graphic shape rather than going too classic. I also recommend applying your eye makeup first. Once it’s done you will probably find that all you need is some tinted moisturiser to finish your face.'

Blue Crush

©David Oldham

For those who desire to dip their toes into colour but can’t bring themselves to go the whole hog, a flash of bright mascara is just the thing. Polly recommends experimenting to find a shade that will enhance your irises and really make them pop. 'As a rule-of-thumb blue suits everyone and purple shades work wonders for green and brown eyes, but trial and error is key,' she advises. We’re sold.

Credits: Photographer: David Oldham, Styling: Rose Beer, Makeup: Polly Osmond, Hair: Leigh Keates, Model: Alexandra Hochguertel, Digital: Bespoke Banter, Beauty: Chanel.

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