Patricia Bright Is #DoubleConfident For Estee Lauder

#DoubleConfidence: Watch Patricia Bright Talk About Her Earliest Beauty Moments


by Grazia |

Estee Lauder's Double Wear Foundation (£29.50) has a place in many of our beauty journeys. Whether it's a bottle spied (or pinched) from an older sister's dressing table, or the first base we tried for a girl's night out look, there's few of us that haven't sampled the best-selling bottle. In fact, seven bottles are sold every minute, which perhaps has something to do with its inclusive shade range - thirty-one to be exact.

To celebrate another year of Double Wear in the top spot, (it's the best-selling beauty product in the UK), Estée Lauder have created a trio of short films starring Patricia Bright, Laura Whitemore and Alice Levine. When you're feeling your best self, you're your most confident, so Estee Lauder asked each woman to bring the person who makes them feel most confident to be with them in the film - and it's every bit as sweet and chic as it sounds.

The “**#**DoubleConfidence” campaign launches today, as the devoted customers of Double Wear all say the same thing when asked about how wearing the perfect foundation makes them feel - confident. We spoke to Patricia Bright about her earliest beauty memories, and what makes her feel confident in her own skin.

Grazia Daily: What’s your earliest ‘beauty’ memory?

Patricia Bright: "Definitely playing with my mum's makeup, she had a gorgeous makeup travel case which she kept all of her goodies in. I used to open it up like Pandora's Box and roll the lipsticks up and down and give it a little test."

GD: What are you three favourite smells in the world and why?

PB: "Vanilla, because it's sweet and warm, grass, because it remind me of summer and strolling through the park, and lavender because it's beautiful and fresh."

GD: What makeup makes you most confident?

PB: "Anything that will give me a flawless base, be it a foundation or tinted moisturiser, if my skin looks healthy and glowy I feel so much better."

GD: What are your top five beauty heroes of all time and why?

PB: "Eyebrow gel can really can help rough eyebrows look super sleek in an instant, and lip liner is great for defining and shaping lips that need that extra bit of oomph. Then, concealer for those days when you only need a touch to cover the night before, and lip gloss - I know matet lips are the trend but there is nothing like sensual gloss on the lips! Finally, false Lashes - sometimes mascara isn't enough and lashes really do help to add that extra drama to the eyes."

GD: What is it about Double Wear that you love so much?

PB: "The finish is impeccable without being cakey, and the selection of colours are great for all skin tones."

****The whole concept of confidence, and women looking and feeling their best is integral to the Estée Lauder brand. Estée Lauder’s philosophy is “Every Woman Can Be Beautiful” regardless of age, race and skintone. We'll drink to that.

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