Beauty Editors Are Raving About These New £28 Perfumes

These brand new buys are perfect for summer and smell far more expensive than they are

Unsplash: Nati Melnychuk, Grazia

by Phoebe Lee |

If this weekend taught us anything, it's that summer is very nearly in session. Days are getting balmier, evenings are getting lighter, you know the drill. What better time, then, to switch up your go-to perfume? And a summer scent swap could come cheaper than usual this year.

Enter five brand new £28 fragrance buys that smells far more expensive than they are. Caudalie's The Fresh Fragrance range launched last month to widespread praise from beauty editors and consumers alike.

What's special about Caudalie's new fragrance range?

Quite a lot, actually. First of all, the scents were created by master perfumers; one of whom is the renowned Jacques Cavallier. He's the nose behind some of the most celebrated and revered fragrances on the market, think Calvin Klein's Truth, Dior's Midnight Poison, Issey Miyake's L'eau d'Issey and too many Louis Vuitton fragrances to count. Cavallier knows good scent.

Then there's the sustainability factor, a box Caudalie manage to tick repeatedly. The scents are made with fully recyclable packaging, and designed using recycled plastic and glass. Caudalie pride themselves on their natural formulas and these perfumes are no exception; the alcohol content is made from wheat alcohol, and is free from PEG and silicones.

What does each scent smell like?

If you repeatedly err on the light and fresh side of fragrance, these scents are made for you. They're more an eau de toilette than a parfum. As for each individual scent, read on for further details:

Caudalie Thé des Vignes

The original fragrance from the brand, and the one created by master perfumer Jacques Cavallier. This is a musky, white floral scent, and smells soft, warm and velvety. It dries down to a blend of neroli and honey. It's feminine, luxe and easy to wear.

Caudalie Fresh Fragrance Soleil des Vignes

Reminiscent of a sun-drenched holiday in the Med. Imagine a cocktail of creamy coconut, orange blossom, vanilla and jasmine notes. It transports you to sunnier climes in a matter of mists.

Caudalie Fresh Fragrance Fleur de Vigne

Prefer green and uplifting scents? This one is for you. Light, zingy and clean, it has a distinctly green quality: like walking through a vineyard full of unripe green grapes and citrus fruits.

Caudalie Fresh Fragrance Rose de Vigne

A rose loyalist? Look no further. Because of the concentration of perfume oils in this scent, this rose is not one that is cloying or twee. Instead, rose is spliced with a dash of rhubarb to give the scent a little 'bite'. There is a floral freshness here that feels especially modern.

Caudalie Fresh Fragrance Eau des Vignes

'A subtle scented water', say Caudalie. This scent feels the most grown up out of all of them, thanks to a powdery iris note that sits on top of a heady musk and incense base. This one is warm and inviting, yet manages to retain the collection's signature freshness.

Main image credit: Unsplash: Nati Melnychuk, Grazia

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