TikTok Has Discovered Marilyn Monroe’s Make-Up Technique For Fuller Lashes

A new generation is discovering her best-kept secrets

Marilyn Monroe eye makeup TikTok

by Laura Capon |
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It seems ridiculous to say that Marilyn Monroe is having a comeback when the Hollywood screen legend hasn't left popular culture since her death in 1962. But it's hard to argue that there is definitely a resurgence going on.

Of course first it was Kim Kardashian rightly or wrongly wearing that dress to the Met Ball and now Marilyn's best kept make-up secrets are going viral on TikTok.

Marilyn's personal make-up artist was Allan Snyder and he was arguably a man way before his time. Not only did he multi-use products like Vaseline for highlighter, but he also created the image of Marilyn that has lived on for 60 years.

Red glossy lips, arched brows and those come hither eyes. Allan knew exactly how to play up Marilyn's natural features and now his eyeliner trick has reached a whole new generation.

To achieve her sultry eyes, Allan created a double wing effect, by drawing a soft line from her lower lash line and filling the gap between that and the liner on her top lashes with a nude colour. Making the eyes appear bigger.

Make-up artist @Scortezzbeauty shared Allan's technique on TikTok and the results were so dramatic that everyone is in a rush to replicate it.

The baby wing on Marilyn's lower lash line is supposed to mimic a natural shadow, so rather than a liquid liner make sure you use a powder shadow instead to create your soft line.

Trust me, after seeing these recreations you are going to be desperate to join the trend.

Watch TikToker's try Marilyn Monroe's Make-Up Technique:

Not only does the technique make your eyes appear bigger thanks to the illusion of the skin coloured liner, but that shadow on the lower lashes also makes lashes seem thicker.

Safe to say that I'm digging my pencils out as we speak.

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