Free Make-Up Vending Machines To Launch Across The UK

makeup vending machine

by Emma Firth |

We’ve all had that moment at the end of the month, pledging you will not spend any more money, but then that red lipstick you’ve been lusting after is too good to resist. Great for a confidence boost. Not so great for your bank balance pre-payday.

It has to be said that beauty bloggers, editors and digital influencers have a pretty good deal when it comes to testing the latest ‘It’ make-up buys. Getting sent free samples is a perk of the job - to keep up-to-date with the latest trends and product launches each season.

But now, you don’t have to be a beauty blogger to bag a freebie. Get ready for a range of ‘socially activated’ make-up vending machines, named Socialvend giving away goodies in exchange for some social love. The clever creations will be popping up everywhere from train stations and bus stops to bars in the UK next year.

makeup vending machine

It’s pretty simple really. You can activate the vending machine directly from your mobile phone and are rewarded for answering questions or posting to Instagram with a brand’s hashtag. Easy.

Roll on 2017!

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