How To Ensure Your Make-Up Lasts All Night

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Meghan Markle Make-up Lasts All Night

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Right now, it’s that time of year when holiday events are coming in thick and fast. And, since the dawn of Instagram, your smokey eye now needs to stay in place until the you call your Uber home. As no one wants to spend prolonged time queuing for the ladies room only to hear the rat-a-tat-tat or another lady in dire straits when they are mid-way through reapplying winged eyeliner, it’s worth finding a few ways to ensure your make-up stays in place past midnight.

‘A good primer is key for keeping your make-up intact for longer. Primers not only give you the perfect base for your foundation, but they also feed the skin with Vitamin C and B3 which work together to hydrate and brighten the complexion’ explains Nilly Mussa, Illamasqua’s Head of Artistry. Hydration is key to elongating the life of your look. Natasha James a trainer and consultant at Decléor agrees hydration is paramount. Drink water, moisturise adequately beforehand, and James believes your make-up won’t disappear.

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If you’ve ever spent an evening watching Ru Paul’s Drag Race, you will know of a concept called baking. Simply put, it’s a technique which uses powder to set the foundation so that it doesn’t melt under stage lights. While your night may not require such heavy duty application, a dusted finish will help keep your concealer and contouring from slipping off. ‘We recommend using a translucent powder alongside your foundation to give your makeup the ultimate hold. We recommend lightly pressing the powder onto your skin while your foundation is still slightly wet – this prevents your makeup from moving around and will hold it in place for longer, leaving your skin picture perfect as you party into the night!’ adds Mussa.

It’s worth considering the products you’re planning to use as well. If it says smudge-proof or long-lasting on the packet, it’s likely going to hold up under the strain of all-night dancing. ‘If you know you’re going to be out and about until the wee hours, plan ahead by using long-wearing products. Use a gel liner or long-wear liner combined with a waterproof mascara, so you don’t end up with racoon eyes by the time you’re heading home’says celebrity makeup artist Fiona Stiles.

Another top tip from Stiles is to think about the consistency of the products that you’re using. 'Try using a cream blush under your powder blush for a little extra insurance’, she says.

Lady Gaga Make-up Lasts All Night

Do all of this and fingers cross your face will stay in place long after the party photos are taken.

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