7 Make-Up Hacks That Will Stop You Touching Your Face

These simple make-up tricks really do help you quit laying hands on your face during the day

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We're currently living a life ruled by hand sanitiser and public health announcements. Our hands are dry from the alcohol-laden gel (browse our pick of the most hydrating hand creams around to combat this here!), and we're getting fairly obsessive about snatching our hands away from our faces as soon as we realise we're mindlessly twiddling an earring or worse, rubbing our eyes. This caution has come to be with good coronavirus-based reason, and as such, we're constantly on the lookout for new ways we can help to prevent the spread. Cue a make-up focus.

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Make-up is one of the top reasons that we'll end up drawing our hands to our faces during the day. Lips dry? We smear on a spot of balm. Panda eyes in situ? We'll try and whip the smudge away with our fingers. Spot peaking through your foundation? Not to worry, a dab or two of concealer with our fingertips, and job's a good'un. Now though, it's all got a bit more complicated, and if you haven't armed yourself with a box of surgical gloves to put on and take off every time you want to itch your nose (and we're not suggesting you do), it's best to keep your paws off your face as much as possible.

For the make-up wearers of you out there, never fear. We've come up with a whole host of long-lasting gems that won't require a touch-up midday, as well as a couple of looks that are likely to keep your hands away from your face all together, coronavirus or no coronavirus. Intrigued? Read on.

Browse: Make-Up Tricks That Will Stop You Touching Your Face


Browse: Make-Up Tricks That Will Stop You Touching Your Face

Make Friends With Powder1 of 7

Make Friends With Powder

Finished applying your foundation? A touch of loose or pressed powder across your T-zone, or any areas that tend to get a tad shiny and risk product movement, will keep your look in place all day, meaning no need for reapplication. Try Chanel's Poudre Universelle Compacte Natural Finish Pressed Powder, £38.

Slick On A Statement Lip2 of 7

Slick On A Statement Lip

Even just applying a bold lip keeps your hands away from your face. Think about it, if you've spent all morning getting the application of your favourite bold shade just right, you won't go near your face with your hands for fear of wrecking it. What better excuse to try a bold look? We love the one-suits-all shade of Charlotte Tilbury's Matte Revolution Lipstick in The Queen, £25.

Crack Out The Kohl3 of 7

Crack Out The Kohl

The same applies for rocking a statement eye look too. Cool girl kohl was huge on the catwalks at the AW 2020 shows, and if you buff it into your upper and lower lash lines for that coveted Debbie Harry rock chick look, you'll hold off from eye rubs all day long. Try Laura Mercier's Laura Mercier Kajal D'Orient Stilo in Noir Supreme, £22.50.

Get Misting4 of 7

Get Misting

Sometimes your face getting dry during the day is all it takes to bring your hand up to meet it. Dryness can result in itchiness, and itches need to be scratch. Stave off dehydration by misting on a skin-soothing face mist like Chantecaille's Eau de Rose de Mai Pure Rose Water Travel Size Spray, £26.

Embrace A Bit Of Bad Taste5 of 7

Embrace A Bit Of Bad Taste

If you've ever bitten your nails, it's likely someone forced you into wearing this at some point. If you're a nail-fidgeter, this encompasses everything from biting, to picking, to peeling off your own gel manicure, you'll likely draw your hands to your mouth more often than you think, and a bad tasting nail-biting formula is the perfect solution. Mavala's Stop Biting Nail Deterrent, £5.20, is our mainstay.

Get On The Lash6 of 7

Get On The Lash

Granted, most of the make-up looks we've referenced so far involve a statement look, but if you'd rather go for a barely-there effect and still ward off eye rubs, why not sample Eylure's range of natural-look false lashes? Trust us, once you've got a set on, you won't touch your eye area all day. We love Eylure Accent No.003 Eyelashes, £4.95.

The Nude Option7 of 7

The Nude Option

Not up for a statement lip? Go for a nude option that promises staying power, and crucially, won't dry out your lips! That way you won't go reaching up to pick them. Giorgio Armani's Lip Maestro in 500, £32, serves up serious staying power and hydrates your lips to boot.

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