All The Made In Chelsea Make-Up Looks Worth Copying For New Year’s Eve

From Melissa Tattam's genius lip trick to Sophie Hermann's must-have blush.

Made In Chelsea Make-Up

by Annie Vischer |

When it comes to New Year's Eve make-up inspiration, you can do far worse than take your lead from Made In Chelsea's current cast members. Contrary to popular belief the stars of Made In Chelsea are never offered the luxury of a make-up artist on filming days, a fact that Verity Bowditch is keen to point out. 'We don't have make-up artists on Made In Chelsea, we do everything ourselves,' Verity explains. 'We might have a make-up artist if we're filming an advert or we're getting ready for a big event but that's it. The rest of the time it's all on us,' she adds, 'you quickly learn that putting off your make-up until the taxi ride to filming is never a good idea, especially on a hangover.

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Through months and sometimes years spent starring in Made In Chelsea, cast mates soon learn what looks good on camera. 'I like to look a little tanned,' says Verity, 'so I always fake tan ahead of filming. I use Tan Luxe For Face, £28, most of the time and I always have my Too Faced Bronzer Soleil Bronzer, £27, to hand.'

Sophie Habboo changes up her make-up routine for Made In Chelsea filming days too. 'Normally I don't wear a lot of make-up and I wear a full face of make-up on filming days,' Sophie tells Grazia, 'I don't ever do much to my eyes but I will wear foundation, blusher, lip liner, I contour, which I don't do day-to-day. I found out that on TV your make-up does sort of get lost, so you can get away with wearing a lot more and it still looking really nice.'

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Made In Chelsea Make-Up Inspiration - Grazia 2021

Sophie Habboo
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CREDIT: Instagram @habboosophie

Sophie Habboo opts for a barely-there look here and prioritises bold, brushed-up brows and a wash of bronzer across her cheekbones. The key to her brow look? 'Sophie Hermann taught me how to do soap brows. I rub a spoolie brush into a bar of soap and brush them up and they stay,' says Sophie.

Paris Smith
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CREDIT: Instagram @ladyparissmith

Paris Smith sports a warm take on a smoky eye. Wash a brown shade of eye shadow across your lid all the way up to your sockets, before applying a darker brown shade to the outside corners of your eyes and blending it across your lids and sockets. Finish with a little black liner on your top lash line. Paris keeps her brows natural. 'I never go too heavy on my eyebrows, because I think if you keep your brows light no matter how heavy the rest of your make-up is, it will still have a natural feel,' Paris tells Grazia.

Sophie Hermann
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Sophie Hermann proves that a statement red lip always ticks the boxes. As for the rest of her make-up? For bronzer and blush, Sophie calls upon The Hollywood Contour Duo, £51, and the Beauty Light Wand in Pinkgasm, £29, from Charlotte Tilbury. 'I used to be all about powder, but now I love to work with a liquid base and these products from Charlotte are so easy to use.'

Meilssa Tattam
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Sophie Habboo says of Melissa Tattam's genius lip liner trick, 'Melissa Tattam has changed the way I line my lips. I now go over the Cupid's bow and fill that in so that they look really round, which I really like the look of.'

Nicole Berry
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Canadian model and Made In Chelsea newcomer Nicole Berry shows us how to pair a classic nude lip with a soft smoky eye. Choose pale, earthy shades that complement each other. Here Nicole has taken her chosen shadow across her lower lash line too, and topped her lids with a touch of gold shimmer.

Maeva D'Ascanio
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Maeva D'Ascanio is never afraid go glam on Made In Chelsea filming days. 'If I'm at a big event the items that I pack are my blush, my lip balm and my lip liner. The lip liner is Yves Sain Laurent's Dessin des Lèvres Lip Styler in Dark Cherry. It's amazing. I only use a little bit and then blend it in with my finger. It gives me a very natural effect and it really lasts. My go-to lip balm is from Clinique and my blush is Il Makiage's Mineral Baked Blush in Isla Bonita. It makes your skin look really sun-flushed. It makes you look like you're wearing a bit of highlighter too. I put a little on my cheeks and across the bridge of my nose, and I look I just came back from the beach,' Maeva tells Grazia.

Inga Valentiner
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Inga is known for her penchant for a barely-there make-up look on Made In Chelsea filming days. Here you can detect a hint of mascara, a touch of brow grooming and a little nude lip liner. Inga's foundation is sheer enough to let her freckles show through too. If you too are a fan of the no-make-up-make-up look then it's well worth following Inga's lead.

Paris Smith
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Paris Smith is back again serving up serious party make-up inspiration. Here her terracotta lip colour pairs beautifully with her shimmer-laden eye make-up. Paris knows a thing or two about make-up and her trick is to make a play for multi-tasking products. 'I like to use make-up products that I can use for multiple things. So, the lip liner will be for lip liner, lipstick and I'll smudge a bit on my hand to use for blush. Then concealer and bronzer to sculpt the face. One good tip I've picked up from modelling is to take your bronzer underneath your bottom lip - where it dips and this creates a shadow that makes your lips look pouty.'

Verity Bowditch
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Verity Bowditch factors in a post-facial-level glow in this enviable make-up look. 'I love Kiko Milano's Flawless Fusion Bronzer Powder, £10.99, and when it comes to eyes I normally go for a pale pink shimmer,' says Verity.

Main image credits: Instagram: @melissatttam, @habboosophie, @ladyparissmith, @nicoleindiaberry

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