This £3 Eye Glitter Is The Secret Behind This Year’s Love Island Party Looks

Prepare to meet your new make-up must-have

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by Annie Vischer |

When you're cooped up in the Love Island villa for two months of the summer, barred from leaving unless summoned to a short and sweet date by one of those episode-making 'I've got a text!' moments, you'll likely end up jumping at the chance to get out your glad rags for a hyped-up evening in. Even if that evening in does involve rationed drinks sipped from stainless steel Champagne flutes and minimal music.

This year's Love Islanders never miss an opportunity to up the ante in the hair, make-up and fashion department. Heels get higher, hair gets longer - is it us or is the Love Island villa providing hair extensions this year? - and smokey eyes get darker at the mere mention of a party. A key player in this season's next-level beauty prep? A £3 make-up hero you can pick up in your local Boots.

Noticed a few glitter-laden make-up looks this season? There's a humble beauty product behind them. Meet 17's Powder Pigment, £3. It's a pot of finely milled, loose glitter powder, that you can use as an eyeshadow or a highlighter. Dab it across your lids with your fingertips or an eyeshadow brush to dose your look up on shimmer. Keen to make an impact? Use a cream shadow on your lids first. This will stick this shimmer pigment fast, making for maximum pigment and twinkle pay-off.

Shop: The £3 Eye Glitter This Year's Love Islanders Are Using To Achieve Their Signature Party Looks


Love Island Eye Glitter - Grazia 2022

17 Powder Pigment
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The Love Islander's have been using a budget-friendly beauty buy to achieve their party looks this year. Enter 17.'s Powder Pigment, £3, a finely milled glitter powder that you can dab in with your fingertips or a brush to achieve eye-catching, camera-ready shimmer.

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