Lisa Eldridge’s Next Product Drop Is Almost Here! And It’s All About ‘Seamless Skin’

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Lisa Eldridge's CV reads like a beauty buff ’s bucket list. A world-renowned make-up artist, her client list includes the A-list likes of Kate Winslet, Nicole Kidman and Dua Lipa, to name a few. She’s a New York Times best-selling author (her book Face Paint, £21.99, chronicling the history of make-up is a must-read), has a YouTube channel with a die-hard following of over two million and presents BBC Two’s new beauty-centric documentary, Make-up: A Glamorous History. Then there’s her eponymous make-up line. Lisa launched her hotly anticipated True Velvet lipsticks and lip glosses in 2018 and today they are certifiably iconic. ‘I can’t believe how many movies and big TV shows contact me to say they want to use my lipsticks,’ says Lisa. ‘One was called in for Michelle Pfeiffer’s new film French Exit. They were filming a dressing-table scene and wanted a product with a cult following in-shot.’

I like to think of these blushers as a real-life Paris filter swipe for skin"

This month, the beauty circuit’s cursors are poised to ‘add to basket’ as Lisa Eldridge launches her Seamless Skin collection, which debuts with two cult-classics-in- waiting. First, the Elevated Glow Highlighter, a skincare-grade glow-giver that can be used both under and over make-up. ‘Complexion is my thing, my first love,’ says Lisa. Then there’s Enlivening Blush, six shades of serum-like blushers, all of which list – wait for it – ‘diamond powder’ as an ingredient. ‘The diamond core of these powder spheres have really superior blurring and light-reflecting properties,’ 4. explains Lisa, who is a stickler for high-quality cosmetic chemistry. ‘Apply it and it’s like seeing the area through a soft-focus lens. I like to think of these blushers as a real-life Paris filter swipe for skin.’

Lisa’s new hybrid launches are timely. Last year’s lockdowns saw the nation’s interest in skincare reach new heights, with sales in the prestige market increasing by 54% between January and October. Great skin sells. She says the timing is a happy coincidence. ‘Trends are very cyclical, but the skincare focus isn’t going to go away any time soon.’ Did Lisa’s own beauty habits change during the pandemic? ‘I barely wore any make-up during the first lockdown. I gradually got back into it during summer and had re-embraced make-up fully at the start of 2021. Wearing a bright lipstick or a bold lash look is such a mental boost.’

With our new reality of mask-wearing, she’s got her sight set on the eyes next. ‘There’s an eye product that I’m planning to launch close to Christmas, I can’t wait to bring it out. The dream is to do everything! I work with all sorts of products – high coverage, transparent, shine-heavy, bold colours – and I work with lots of different faces. I want to create products to suit different looks and skin types and I want every product to have a high level of thought behind it. I never launch anything before I’m completely happy with it.’

The New Seamless Skin Products


Lisa Eldridge Seamless Skin

Lisa Eldridge Seamless Skin
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'My go-to shade is Pink Soap,' reveals Lisa. 'Apply it with a brush or your fingers for a skin-like finish.' Available in six shades.

Lisa Eldridge Seamless Skin
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'Wear it on top of your skincare,' says Lisa. 'You can dab a little extra on over make-up if you want to maximise your glow.' Available in four shades.

Lisa Eldridge Seamless Skin
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'The first drop of these sold out in 45 minutes!' Now the range is back with four new summer shades. Available in 10 shades.

Lisa Eldridge Seamless Skin
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'Choose from my-lips-but-better shades to brights,' says Lisa. Expect semi-sheer coverage with a satin finish. Available in seven shades.

All items and new shades will be available to pre-order from 15 May exclusively from

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