Jennifer Aniston Has Worn This Same Lipliner For 15 Years

Turns out, it's a key player in creating her signature, barely-there lip shade


by Phoebe Lee |

They key to consistently brilliant make-up? Using the same product for 15 years, apparently. It's exactly what Jennifer Aniston has done to achieve to her signature, fleshy, nude lip, according to InStyle magazine. It's her go-to base, because 'you can mix it with anything,' according to Jen.

High praise. And even though the product might be 15 years old, it has aged well. The colour she uses is a muted, sandy pink, that can be used to define the lip line with real ease. The product in question? Estée Lauder's Double Wear Lip Pencil, £19.

Jen favours the shade Fig. While it seems to have been discontinued (products can't stay around forever, can they?), the shade Rose seems a pretty solid replacement. It's not a twee, feminine rose shade - more a dusty, muted, sandy rose, that blends well into the natural lip colour (if your lip shade is similar to Jen's, that is).

Jen is on the money when it comes to formula. Some lipliners risk 'dragging' the lips when you apply them, but Estée Lauder's offering is creamier than most. They deposit buttery, rich colour in a swipe, and are comfortable enough to scribble all over the lip to replace lipstick. It seems Lauder anticipated this: their lipliners are dual ended, with a tiny brush at the end that helps to blend the colour into lips.

Keen to replicate the barely-there lip that has stood true to Jen for 15+ years? You can shop the exact formula, below.

Shop: The Jennifer Aniston Approved Lipliner


SHOP: Jennifer Aniston's Favourite Lipliner

Estu00e9e Lauder Double Wear Lip Pencil, £19
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