Tom Ford On The Art Of Looking Great For Zoom And House Party

Angles, lighting and a sheet of white paper. Here's how Mr Ford looks 'pulled together' on video calls...

Tom Ford

by Emma Stoddart |
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When legendary fashion designer and beauty mogul, Mr Tom Ford shares his tips on how to look great via computer screen, we pay attention. Especially when said tips don't require layers and layers of skincare and bronzer. Rather, it all comes down to the height of your computer screen, the right lighting and that humble white tablecloth.

First things first, before you join that call check the height of your screen. 'Put the computer up on a stack of books so the camera is slightly higher than your head. Say, about the top of your head. And then point it down into your eyes,' says Mr Ford. Already, you'll find this angle is so much more flattering.

Next tip? 'Then take a tall lamp and set it next to the computer on the side of your face you feel is best. The lamp should be in line with and slightly behind the computer so the light falls nicely on your face,' Ford adds.

By now, you should be positioned at the most flattering angle and have a lovely warm glow basking on your 'good side.' The final touch? 'Put a piece of white paper or a white tablecloth on the table you are sitting at but make sure it can’t be seen in the frame. It will give you a bit of fill and bounce.' Oh Mr Ford - we are forever grateful.

And now you're almost ready to join that call. One last thing - 'lots of powder, et voilà!' you're good to glow...

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