Faking Freckles With Fake Tan Is A ‘Thing’ And Vogue Williams Shows You How

They're smudge-proof and last for days.

How To Fake Freckles At Home With Fake Tan

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Freckleshave been a trending beauty look for a while now and the craze shows no signs of abating any time soon. The popularity of facial freckles lies in what they signify to many. Facial freckles are something we associate with youthfulness and of a happy moment or two spent in the sun (want to learn more about the freckle trend and why the look got do big this year? Click here). There's something joyful about freckles, and when better to angle your make-up efforts towards a bit of joy than at the tail end of 2020? That said, for those of us not in possession of a natural peppering of facial freckles faking the look at home can be tricky. Methods involving a brow pencil or brown-toned lip liner place a lot of emphasis on getting the application method just right. To look natural freckles need to be varied in size, depth of colour and shape. Applying them with a pencil can be a dicey business. Then there's the fact that you only have to forget about your faux freckles and touch your face once to blur them into obscurity. Factor in face masks (when are we not wearing one these days?!), and the whole faux freckle concept becomes more and more unachievable.

Never fear though for who is on hand with a genius new smudge-proof fake freckle method? None other than Vogue Williams. In her latest fake tan tutorial made exclusively for Grazia Vogue Williams guides us through applying fake freckles with fake tan. Her willing (and brave) test subject? Grazia's beauty editor Annie Vischer. Watch Vogue apply her fake tan fake freckles below. You won't believe the results:

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Watch: Vogue Williams Shows You How To Apply Fake Freckles At Home

And there you have it. All you need is a small make-up brush with a tapered end for pecision application (the tip of an angled brow brush is perfect), a spritz of fake tan, and you're away. Apply to your skin lightly. Less is very much more here. Make sure the size and arrangement is varied enough to look natural. Leave to try for an hour or two before washing your face or applying any make-up. This allows the fake tan to take and the colour to develop. Enter smudge-proof faux freckles! These will likely last you a day or two depending on how often you wash your face and how much you exfoliate.

Top Tip: Always use a face specific fake tan (to avoid any irritation) and always use a fake tan with a guide colour, otherwise you won't be able to see where you're applying your freckles. Vogue uses a fake tan for face from her own range Bare by Vogue Williams, specifically Bare by Vogue Williams' Face Tanning Mist, £13.50. Shop this and a selection of Vogue Williams' favourite beauty buys below:

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