Back To Beauty Basics: How To Have And Maintain Amazing Eyebrows

Back To Beauty Basics: How To Have And Maintain Amazing Eyebrows

    By Emma Stoddart Posted on 10 Sep 2018

    Brows are big business. According to market research company NPD, British women spend on average a whooping £200 a year on eyebrow grooming. Since January, Pinterest reports a 115% increase in searches for ‘eyebrow shape’. It’s no surprise really, as brows can make you look younger, control your facial expressions and frame your face…so nailing the best shape is key (no pressure). That’s why the majority of us leave them in the trusted hands of the experts…but in between appointments we’re all guilty of getting a bit too tweezer-happy. It’s a fine line between taming those stray hairs and completely obliterating the pro-shape. We’ve spoken to Celebrity Brow Expert and founder of Nails & Brows, Sherrille Riley to find out exactly how to maintain beautiful brows…

    How to get a great eyebrow shape

    As with most trends, history suggests certain brow shapes fall in and out of fashion. ‘Recently I’ve noticed my clients are embracing their natural brows and want a ‘feathery’ full, natural-look instead of the ‘insta brow’ which is heavily defined and artificial looking’, reports Sherrille Riley. To get the best shape that suits you, Sherrille recommends visiting a professional first who can create the ideal style based on your overall features. As a general rule of thumb, ‘steer away from a very arched brow, as this doesn’t suit many people and can give the illusion of an angry appearance’, advises Sherille, ‘I think the most universally flattering style is the ‘Audrey’ which is archless and helps open the eyes’.

    Brave enough to shape your own brows? Follow founder of BBB London, Vanita Parti’s advice - ‘measure your brows with a pencil to ensure that the start is at the bridge of your nose, balance the pencil from the bottom of the nose to the end of the iris to map your arch and end just beyond your eye’. And when you choose the style consider your face, Vanita has every shape covered:

    1. The best brows for a square-shaped face

    ‘A low arch will soften a more angular face and help to balance a strong jaw line.’ Top tip? ‘Apply a brow pomade to add natural depth to your arches.’

    2. The best brows for a round face

    ‘A round face requires a strong brow shape. Creating a high arch will make the face appear longer as it draws the eye up and down.’ Top tip? ‘Round faces often need a little help creating definition to bone structure.’

    3. The best brows for a heart-shaped face

    ‘A heart-shaped face will be widest at the forehead. A natural, low arch will add more length to the forehead as well as balancing out any hint of a pointy chin.’ Top tip? ‘This is where our Ultimate Arch Definer, £22 comes in handy, use the triangular shaped pencil to create a defined shape which will keep brows looking groomed all day.’

    4. The best brows for an oval face

    ‘A soft brow arch will maintain an already balance and tapered face shape’. For those that have overplucked and want to encourage regrowth, try using a nourishing brow oil or serum.

    How to use a comb and eyebrow pencil to get fuller eyebrows

    For those of us who didn’t get lucky in the genetic lottery with fluffy full brows, get on board with brow makeup. Everyone, according to Sherille, should have at least three tools in their kit – a brow styler, a brow filler and a brow setter. For a styler, ‘always brush them upwards with a spoolie, this will create the illusion of fullness’, try SpaceNK Eyebrow Comb, £12. And for filler? ‘Pencils are easy to work with and can deliver a more natural look as you can mimic hair strokes’. We rate The Beauty Edit Mayfair Brow Filler, £20 as its sweat proof and lasts up to 12 hours. To nail the natural look, Sherille recommends that you choose your shade wisely. ‘Ideally, you should go one shade darker than your natural brows but never too dark.’ Even if your hairs are super dark, never opt for black as this can look ‘overdone’ so stick to a dark brown.

    How To Maintain Your Eyebrow Shape At Home With Tweezers

    In-between salon visits do not be tempted to get tweezer-happy, especially if your brows are naturally thin (unless you’re after Rihanna’s 90s Brows on the cover of Vogue). ‘Always stop before you think you need to’ says Sherrille, ‘be conservative with your tweezing and take a step back from the mirror every few seconds to look at the brows’. Apparently when we’re close to the mirror, this is when we tend to over pluck. For sparse brows, try a brow tint – ‘this will add colour and make brows look fuller for longer’. Plus, using a serum to condition hairs can encourage growth – try RapidBrow, £37.

    How To Use Eyebrow Setter…

    ‘Always finish the brows with a setter to hold them in shape for a defined and groomed look’, advises Sherrille Riley. We love Glossier Boy Brow, £14 with its miniature brush that coats every single hair, and Beauty Edit Mayfair Brow Setter, £25 with vitamin B5 and castor oil to strengthen as well as set brows. Vanita Parti swears by ‘BBB London Brow Build, £20 which can be layered to achieve that bushier Cara Delevingne-esque brow’.

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