10 Beauty Lessons You Learned From Gossip Girl Without Even Realising

There's the boho blow-dry obviously, and talk about a masterclass in headband wearing

Gossip Girl

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With the Gossip Girl reboot already in the filming stage we can't help but get more than a little nostalgic over the OG version. How we miss Blair's side-eye, Serena's on-and-off pursuit of Dan Humphries and Vanessa's sass. Need we remind you that avid Gossip Girl viewers will have picked up more than one or two valuable beauty lessons along the Gossip Girl road too.

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Gossip Girl
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First of all, who knew that you could achieve a boho flavoured blow-dry before Serena van der Woodsen made it cool? Would you have ever contemplated so many different styles of headband before Blair Waldorf made them - and the odd tiara - her 'thing'? Vanessa reminded us to let our curls do their thing - the bigger, the better! - and then there's Jenny Humphries.

Jenny Humphries taught us that choppy fringes could be face-framing and flattering, that dark lipstick made the ultimate statement and that dark roots looked good with platinum blonde lengths. You see where we're going with this? Scroll on down to take a stroll along HBO's memory lane and find out what other big beauty lessons you learned from Gossip Girl without even realising it:

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Gossip Girl Beauty Lessons - Grazia 2021

serena blowdry
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Yep, Serena van der Woodsen - and we have to give Blake Lively some credit here too - showed the world that blow-dries didn't have to be perfectly 'done', glossy and sculptured. Serena always sported a glossy blow-dried mane that boasted movement, undone waves and shine. Yep, we were head over heels for that boho blow-dry.

blair headbands
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Blair Waldorf took headbands, which a the time most thought belonged in the '90s, and brought them firmly up to date. Blair sported bows, strategically tied head scarfs, jewelled metal iterations, you name it. Thanks to Blair the masses became headband obsessed.

jenny humphrey beauty
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Remember when Jenny Humphrey underwent the mother of all revamps? Jenny proved that platinum blonde hair was back and actually looked pretty edgy when paired with some obvious root regrowth.

blair highlights
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Remember when the whole Gossip Girl gang head to the Hamptons and everyone's automatically highlighted and sun-kissed? Even Blair who is famed for her darker brunette lengths buys into a few bronde streaks and we couldn't love the look more. Are a few Hampton highlights the perfect way to go for brunette's intent on a summer revamp? We think so.

lily chignon
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Let's not forget the force that is Lily van der Woodsen. What that lady doesn't know about a classy updo isn't worth knowing quite frankly! Paired with casual day wear - if you can call any part of Lily van der Woodsen's wardrobe casual - or glitzed-up evening wear, those simple buns and chignons were everything.

serena hollywood waves
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Yes, we've established that Serena's go-to hairstyle is that aspirational boho blow-dry, but don't ever kid yourself that Serena avoids glamour-heavy beauty looks altogether. In fact no one pays homage to those glossy Hollywood waves of the 1950s quite like Serena van der Woodsen. She showed us all how to update the look for modern day wear.

blair tiara
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Blair taught us all that no hair accessories are ever too OTT. Giant headband? It's a winner. Tartan bows? A regular occurrence. As for tiaras? You can never wear too many diamonds.

jenny statement lip
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Forget Serena's peaches-and-cream make-up look and Blair's favourite red lipsticks, Jenny took Gossip Girl's make-up credentials up to the next level when she developed a penchant for dark statement lip looks and made them an established Upper East Side trend.

serena makeup
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Let's talk about Serena van der Woodsen's make-up. It's so barely-there and subtle that it manages to emphasise and flatter without ever being too obvious. From her peaches-and-cream blusher and highlighter combination, to her rosy flush of lip colour and gently defined eyes, Serena's go-to make-up look was a masterclass in no-make-up-make-up.

serena head scarves
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Picture the scene. You're mid-Gossip-Girl-mania and want to dabble with hair accessories but headbands are just a step too far. Both Serena and Blair offered up an entry-level option through their inspired use of headscarves. They showed you where to place it - not too far forward, with a few sections of hair flowing free at the front -, where to tie it - underneath at the nape of your neck - and how thick to fold it - you want 3-4 inches worth of scarf to play with. What more could we have asked for?

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