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PSA: Glossier Just Launched ‘Lash Slick’, Its First Mascara

© Glossier

I feel I need to start this article with a disclaimer, I am a Glossier fan. I know I’m not alone, but if you want any sort of impartiality it’s best to hit ESC now.

Lately, the American beauty brand started by Emily Weiss has launched a slew of new products. Most recently, the NY-based label, which started as a blog called Into The Gloss, introduced us to ‘Solution’, a chemical exfoliator in an attractive millennial pink glittering bottle. Following its success, Glossier is giving the world their first mascara. Called Lash Slick, it’s taken the label more than 18 months and 248 iterations to formulate. Costing £14, it promises to lift, curl, scalp and lengthen lashes with a tiny fibre coating that can be washed off with just plain old warm water.

‘We’ve been working on a mascara since we launched and we just keep canning them,’ Weiss previously told Elle, ‘We’ve had so many submissions that could be okay and probably people would like them but we just weren’t proud of them. We were supposed to launch it last year. We are literally going all over the world trying to figure out what’s out there and figure out something that meets her needs.’

The technology, like many beauty breakthroughs, comes from Asia - Japan to be precise. It’s also paragon free, hypoallergenic, cruelty-free and safe for contact lens wearers and those with sensitive eyes.

Is this the start of the mascara revolution? Quite, quite possibly.