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This Dry Shampoo Has A 2000-Person Waiting List

© Verb

There’s something particularly covetable about things that other people want. In the ‘00s, it was designer ‘It’ bags and the latest must-have shoes; but in the 2010s, it’s increasing beauty products. Case in point is the new dry shampoo from cult brand Verb, which has racked up an impressive 2,000-person waiting list – despite not being available to buy until 1 May.

Created in response to the popularity of their first dry shampoo product – a powder that you apply with a nozzle and massage into your scalp to absorb excess oil – Verb decided to formulate a spray version. The new launch comes in two shades, light and dark, catering to both blondes and brunettes.

‘The Light formulation has a purple tint that helps counteract brassiness and adds a lot of dimension,’ the brand told Byrdie, ‘While the dark shade is a medium brown that is designed to disappear in deeper shade ranges.’

Within 24 hours of it first being announced, it already had a 1,000-person waiting list on the site. This has now doubled, with the brand forecasting it to reach a whopping 10,000 before it launches on 1 May. Until then, fans can get their hands on the product for free by entering a daily competition, with five being given away each day.

It’s not the first time a beauty product has accrued such a large waiting list ahead of a launch. The Ordinary’s foundation had a 25,000-person list before its launch last April, while in the early days Glossier pioneered an email waiting list so that fans of their products would be alerted first as soon as it came back on the site.