I Suffer From Extremely Dry Lips During The Summer – This Lip Oil Balm Is My Saviour

Clarins has done it again.

Clarins Lip Oil Balm

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Regardless of the time of year, we never want to experience dry, flaky lips. Throughout the year, our skin goes through a lot with the ever-changing weather and with summer's arrival, dry lips reach an all-time high.

I must admit, I am a lip oil addict. No matter the time of year, I will be applying copious amounts of lip oil throughout the day. It's simply one of those beauty products I can't live without. The rich oily texture works like a dream on my dry lips and the glossy sheen looks like lip gloss, while actively moisturising and nourishing my lips.

And, if there's one type of oil that immediately gets me excited, it's a tinted lip oil. The ease of a lip oil that glides over the lips combined with a flattering tint is exactly the type of lip product I'm looking for in an everyday routine. So, when I discovered that Clarins launched a new Lip Oil Balm in six different shades, I knew I had to get my hands on it immediately.

Known for its iconic Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector and Lip Comfort Oil, I can trust that whatever the brand launches, I'm bound to love it. Available in six shades, the skincare and make-up combined product has been designed to keep the lips moisturised throughout the day. Described as a new generation of a tinted lip balm, the nourishing oils will treat any signs of dryness whilst leaving a glossy, tinted finish - perfect for day-to-evening wear.

What makes this lip balm different? The combination of a lip oil infused into a balm soothes any dryness you maybe experiencing without missing out on wearing your favourite shade of lipstick. It's the best of both worlds.

How did it apply?

I chose to try the shade 01 - Pale Pink as it works perfectly with my fair complexion. I love to wear nude lipstick shades complimented by a neutral lip liner and I thought this shade worked perfectly. As someone who applies Clarins' Lip Comfort Oil multiple times a day, I knew this product would be a winner for me. Usually lip balms glide over the lips and remain on the surface, but this product immediately melted into the skin. Once the luxurious oil texture meets the lips you can instantly feel a shot of hydration and I loved how soothed my lips felt.

What did I think overall?

Without sounding too dramatic, I can see the new Lip Oil Balm becoming one of those products I reach for multiple times a day. It's important to note that as someone with dry skin and particularly dry lips, I loved how the blend of three plant-based oils and hyaluronic acid treated my lips, saving me from carrying around both a lip treatment and lipstick.

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Clarins Lip Oil BalmClarins

With a trio of plant oils such as sweetbriar rose, jojoba and hazelnut combined with the iconic moisture attracting ingredient, hyaluronic acid - this essential lip balm leaves the lips with a luminous shine and super flattering lip tint.

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