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The 11 Best Serums Of The Year

Some stages in our beauty regime are second nature, but applying a serum - not so much. Even plenty of hard and fast beauty junkies are perplexed by exactly what these little potions add to their skincare routine. So let us explain: a serum is a light, water-based formula that delivers a high dose of active ingredients direct to the skin to tackle a specific concern. Consider them the skincare equivalent of the booster in your freshly pressed juice.

Unlike oils and moisturisers - which sit on the skin to provide a protective layer - serums contain particles small enough to penetrate the skin and reach the epedermis with a direct hit of good stuff. As they're water-based, they're great for carrying water-solluable ingredients like Vitamin C to brighten your complexion fast.

So who should use one? Everyone! Contrary to that 'luxury' label, they're an integral part of every productive skincare routine.

There's a serum to suit every skin issue - they can help alleviate everything from hyper-pigmentation to acne, to dullness. Serums are best used after cleansing and when applied to dry, cool skin. And take heed: DO use daily.

Here are the best serums to suit every skin type!