What Is Mineral Makeup, Anyway?

What Even Is Mineral Makeup?


by Daniela Morosini |
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Been hearing a lot of buzz about mineral makeup but not sure what to make of it? It's one of those terms like 'superfood' or 'organic' that can get bannded about, without people quite understanding what it means. We've got the skinny on just what mineral makeup is - and the brands you need to know.

What is mineral makeup?

Mineral makeup is made by grinding down minerals, like zinc oxide, in a process called micronising. This is used to form the base of the product - rather than something emoillent, like oils or waxes, as in traditional makeup. The result is an ultra-fine, milled powder that generally feels more 'breathable' than traditional makeup, and often has less synthetic nasties or preservatives.

How is it different to traditional makeup?

Without conventional waxes or oils, a lot of women with oily skin say they find mineral makeup less likely to give them a breakout - and with ingredients like anti-inflammatory zinc oxide, pure mineral products can actually help improve breakouts. Some of the minerals also work as natural sunscreens so wearing mineral make-up gives your skin a little bit of extra protection too. Just don't rely on it as your only sun protection because you probably won't be applying it thickly enough - or all over your face - to offer full cover.

How will it look on my skin?

Usually, mineral makeup products have a lighter, sheerer finish than traditional makeup, and feel less heavy on the skin. Without any binders or waterproof agents, however, mineral makeup sometimes isn't as long-lasting as its regular counterparts.

What products should I buy?

1. English Mineral Makeup Company

The proudly British brand has a comprehensive range of beautifully packaged offerings - we're particularly keen on their 'Warmth' bronzer (£25.00) which leaves skin beautifully sun-kissed, and the 'Fairy Godmother', (£55.00) - a primer/finishing fixer that hydrates and smoothes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

2. Jane Iredale Cosmetics

A pioneer of mineral makeup since 1994, Jane Iredale has a huge range of products, and has worked on some Hollywood's hottest sets and magazine covers to boot. We love her wonderful LipDrink Lip Balms (£13.00) for kissable lips and her In Touch Highlighter (£22.00) for a healthy, radiant glow.

3. bareMinerals

Offering a range of powder and liquid foundation options, bareMineral's base offerings are truly exceptional - especially their new, glow-giving Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel-Cream, £33.00. But, we love their mascaras and blushers equally too...

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