Mask Make-Up 101: How To Do Your Make-Up Before Putting On A Face Mask

It's time to mask-proof your make-up routine and we've enlisted the help of a pro to tell us how

Face Mask Make-Up

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Wearing a mask is essential, it's true, but face masks bring with them a whole bundle of beauty issues. Take maskne for example - acne caused by wearing a mask - what a joy, (find out how best to combat maskne right here), and then there's the impact on our make-up. Masks smudge our make-up. Masks get discoloured because of our make-up. Masks sit so close to our faces that they stick to lipgloss and you can forget wearing a statement lipstick. So how should we do our make-up before we put on our face mask?

Our first tip - it's all in the eyes. Since lockdown sales of mascara have increased by a whopping 46.4% (according to online beauty retailer and sales of false eyelashes are up by 61.9%, compared to a rather staggering drop in lip colour sales by 19.2%. Coincidence? We think not. According to Ceryn Lawless,'s Communications and Campaigns Editor the reason for this seems pretty obvious. 'There's little point wearing expensive lipsticks under a mask if they are just going to smudge and end up all over your face,' says Ceryn, 'Instead women are choosing to highlight their eyes to best effect.'

Best Make-Up For Wearing A Mask
©Jason Lloyd-Evans

The False Lash Effect

Doll-like lashes are in. They’re long, curled, defined and perfectly fanned-out - the type Disney animators learn to draw. Kaia Gerber took lash power to a whole new level at Fendi’s S/S ’20 show, and the simple mascara at Philosophy was the epitome of pretty. For make-up legend Bobbi Brown, ‘Most lashes are transformed with a sweep of mascara and the use of an eyelash curler,' and it’s all in the technique. With your mascara wand, start at the outside of your eye, moving inwards, applying close to the base of your lashes, separating them as you go. Apply lightly to your lower lashes with what’s left on the brush. Bobbi adds, ‘You’ll need two or three coats for impact.’ Give Bobbi Brown's Eye Opening Mascara, £25, or L’Oréal Paris Bambi Eye False Lash Mascara, £10.99, a go.

It's Time To Own Kohl

Outdated beauty rules often dictate that, as soon as summer hits, dark eyeshadows and liners should make way for bare, glossy lids, but the S/S catwalks of 2020 disagreed (did they know something we didn’t?). Edie Sedgwick-esque eyes underwent a smoked-up revamp for Tom Ford’s show, while ’90s-look liner got grunged-up backstage at Ashish. The trend? Kohl and lots of it. Lisa Eldridge cites kohl as ‘one of the most enduring and popular cosmetics ever.' Lisa advises messily lining the top and bottom lashes and gently smudging the edges. Try out Code8's Contour Eye Pencil in Classic Black, £20.

Best Make-Up For Wearing A Mask
©Jason Lloyd-Evans

Play With Colour

According to make-up artist Katrin Rees, mask season calls for some serious colour play. 'Experiment with colour on your eyes,' she says, 'the SS20 trends are all about brightness and you can really play with this. You could even pick an eyeliner that complements the design of your face mask' - now that's an idea we can get on board with. Flashes of bright eye make-up lit up the Spring/Summer runways, with carnival-grade swooshes of colour at Oscar de la Renta and streaks of orange and neon pink at Olivia Rubin, where Sophia Schwarzkopf- Tilbury headed up the make-up team. For her, the look is all about having fun. ‘It’s naturally fresh, glossy and pretty with a little bit of a rebellious side,’ she says, emphasising that it’s important not to be too precise. ‘It’s all about creating shapes on the eyes, using blocks of colour, softly blurred and blended, not too defined.’ Urban Decay's Wired Pressed Pigment Palette, £39, provides the perfect spectrum of colours to get dabbling with.

As For Your Base?

As much as we love a glowing dewy foundation, a lot of them have a slightly tacky finish. Anything with a tacky finish like said glow-giving foundations, cream blushers, cream highlighters, you get the idea, risks sticking to your face mask and leaving you with a less than flawless finish. For make-up artist Katrin Rees the secret lies in opting for a lightweight base and a decent setting spray. 'Keep your base lightweight,' says Katrin, 'Anything heavy has more chance of sticking to your mask and discolouring it. Also ensure that your base is set before you put your mask on. Applying your foundation and immediately fixing your mask in place is likely to leave you with a very uneven finish when you take your mask off. Invest in a good setting spray, Urban Decay's All Nighter Setting Spray, £26, is fabulous.'

Make-up Artist Katrin Rees
©Katrin Rees

It's Time To Up Your Brow Game

Never forget that brows have the power to frame your face and emphasise your eyes. Katrin recommends booking in for that brow appointment at long last. 'Now that brow bars are finally open again, indulge in a treatment. Our mouths may not be on show, but your brows and eyes can be emphasised just as beautifully.' Check out all the latest on what beauty services are now on offer again once more right here. Local salon fully booked? Try your hand at achieving the ultimate 2020 brow look at home. Make-up maestro Patrick Ta (who's responsible for tending to the make-up and brows of the likes of Bella Hadid, Gigi hadid and Kendall Jenner) has gifted us with all his tricks of the trade. Follow his instructions below.

Behold, Patrick Ta's Guide To Getting This Year's Ultimate Brow Look At Home

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