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Diptyque candles

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It's no secret that the candle market is well and truly saturated, but there's something about Diptyque that keeps the brand at (or near!) the top of everybody's wish list. It's a competitive arena indeed, but just what is keeping their enduring appeal alive?

Conceived by three eccentrics on a quiet street in Saint Germain, Paris, 1963, its heritage certainly plays a factor. Then there's the famed oval, monochromatic labels, with their distinctive typeface and almost indecipherable letters.

Beauty folklore suggests its because the founders want you to focus entirely on the scent. It's as if you take one sniff, let your mind whir, before, 'oh, of course it's citronella...'

Sure, the clean lines and chic, minimalist aesthetic makes them most Instagrammable; but it's the scent that brings you back. Diptyque were one of the first houses to blend perfume and wax. Each candle has an impressive 'throw' (candle speak that means they can reach far corners of a room), and their scents are innovative and unique (the iconic Baies has been imitated many times, but never successfully duped).

All of these variables have contributed to Diptyque's long reign at the top of the candle hierarchy for many, many years. Sales soar at Christmas, too (they'll score you serious gifting points).

Scroll on down for Grazia's edit of Diptyque candles. Spoiler: Baies makes an appearance...


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Diptyque Baies1 of 7

Diptyque Baies, £29

You'll have seen one of these in plenty of Instagram posts. Baies holds a uniquely floral and fruity quality, combining blackcurrant and rose. It's warm, soft, and not at all cloying. You'll smell it even when it's unlit.

Diptyque Roses2 of 7

Diptyque Roses, £49

Rose is a scent that is hard to get right, but naturally, Diptyque gets it just so. Too many rose scents smell synthetic and cloying; this one feels modern, gentle, and not at all twee.

Diptyque Feu de Bois3 of 7

Diptyque Feu de Bois, £49

Smoky, wintery, warming, Feu de Bois smells familiar - even if you haven't sniffed it before. It's a tad musky, and feels strangely comforting when burnt. It's a must for cold autumn or winter nights.

Diptyque Sapin4 of 7

Diptyque Sapin, £60

Christmas designed Diptyque? Be still, our beating heart. Sapin is a take on a pine scent, and yes; it does smell like you're walking through a wet, mossy pine forest. Clean the jar once burnt, and use as a make-up brush holder, pencil pot, or something else entirely.

Diptyque Mimosa,5 of 7

Diptyque Mimosa, £49

Sunshine! Keep this one on hand for warmer days. It's a clean, luminous scent, with a distinctly floral quality. It's bright and refreshing, and one that'll appeal to all the family.

Diptyque Lys6 of 7

Diptyque Lys, £42

Think a freshly cut bouquet of lilies. This candle is redolent of every part of the white flower, from the fresh, clean white leaves, to the green sap filled leaves.

Diptyque Ambre7 of 7

Diptyque Ambre, £29

Resinous, rich, smoky, balmy; Ambre is a unique scent. If you like incense, you'll like this. Strong and leathery, it's one you'll want to burn over nights with red wine and a roaring fire.

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