I’m A Beauty Editor – These Are By Far The Best Eyebrow Gels That I’ve Tried

We've tested hundreds, and these are the best.

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Make no mistake – there’s always a new brow trend floating about the beauty sphere. Whether you’ve a penchant for pencil thin ‘90s arches, fluffy-soap brows or prefer to keep things feeling more subtle, there’s one product that is a must. That product? Eyebrow gel. Perhaps you’re looking for a volumising eyebrow gel, an eyebrow gel to add definition, or even an eyebrow gel that gives the effect of brow lamination? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

What is a brow gel and what does it do?

'Brow gels provide a lightweight, flexible hold on eyebrow hairs to keep them in place throughout the day,' explains Lauren Hogsden, Benefit's national brow & beauty authority. 'Depending on what product you opt for they can leave you with many different finishes, from a fluffed up, soap brow look to a more structured style. There's many different iterations too, from tinted through to clear.'

How should you apply eyebrow gel?

It's easy, according to Hogsden.

'Use a brow gel by simply brushing it through brows, applying the product in the direction you want the brow hairs to lay. Be careful not to apply too much product, which can make the brows look stiff or crunchy. Use alone or to set other brow products - you can still use your pencils and pomades if you so desire.'

Best eyebrow gels at a glance:

Best all-round eyebrow gel: benefit 24-Hour Brow Setter Clear Brow Gel, £26

Best strengthening eyebrow gel: bareMinerals Strength and Length Brow Gel, £19

Best volumising eyebrow gel: KIKO Milano Eyebrow Fibers Coloured Mascara, £8.49

Best clear eyebrow gel: Eyeko Brow Gel in Clear, £18

Best sculpting eyebrow gel: Uk Lash Brow Gel Sculpt, £15

Best drugstore brow gel: NYX the Brow Glue Instant Styler, £7.99

How we tested them:

Formula: We want our brow gels to work hard. We took into consideration what ingredients were included in the formulations. Anything soothing, moisturising and strengthening earned extra points. We'd like our brows to be fortified in the long term, please.

Texture: Sticky brows? No thank you. Any products that left a goopy, tacky finish didn’t make this list.

Value for money: We’re back with our go-to phrase. ‘We truly believe that a premium price tag won't always equate to a premium product.’ That’s why you’ll find a mixture of eyebrow gels suited to a range of price points. If it’s expensive, then be assured that we deem it to be worth the money.

Longevity and wear time: That means no flaking, fall, or fading. The brow gels that made this list proved their staying power.

Other reviews: While the Grazia beauty team put the initial shortlist forward for the best brow gels we also took independent buyers into consideration, too. This allowed us to fully consider potential pros and cons of each product.

With this in mind, the Grazia beauty team has been at work, testing, swatching, swiping and blotting a myriad of eyebrow gels, from new launches through to cult classics.

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Best all-round brow gel

Junior Beauty Editor Rachael says: 'It's no secret that when it comes to eyebrow products (and I'm talking everything from pencils through to pomades here) Benefit are among best of the best. Beloved by beauty editors, the 24-Hour Brow Setter Clear Brow Gel is totally invisible but sets brows in place with just a few strokes. I like to use a brow pencil first to fill out sparse areas, then I'll follow with this to lock it all in. It's subtle, but leaves my brows looking neater and more groomed. Trust me when I say it's fool-proof.'

Customer review: 'It's brilliant. 'Been using this for a while now and it’s definitely the best brow glue I’ve used! Sets the brows really well and they don’t move. Doesn’t leave a product build up which I find with other brands.'


  • Invisible finish


  • Slightly higher price point

Viral pick

Sameeha Shaikh Beauty Writer: 'I'd describe this as the Marmite of the brow world, those who love it swear by it and those who don't, well, probably don't know how to use it properly. Granted it's not the easiest of brow products, the formula is thicker, waxier and fast-working, meaning less playtime. But all those aforementioned qualities are what sets it apart in the category, that is, once you get the hang of it. A cross between wax and gel, it creates a full, defined look that lasts all day. If a laminated brow is your MO, look no further.' 

Customer review: 'I love this brow gel! Keeps your brows in place all day. It definitely takes time to get used to it, not using too much and working it through your brows to get them where you want but once there in shape they stay all day!'


  • Wax gel hybrid
  • Suitable for all skin


  • Can leave a white tacky layer according to some

Best for a natural look

While Charlotte Tilbury is synonymous with her iconic lipsticks, her brow products deserve their moment in the spotlight too. Beloved by everyone from Bella Hadid to Kate Moss, this gloss-like gel ensures firm but flexible hold - it's ideal for those who like a more subtle finish

Customer review: 'This is my favourite brow gel I've used! I don't like a stiff hold, and prefer a more natural finish. This gives just that, it helps me shape and hold my brows naturally, without white residue or a laminated look.'


  • Soft hold - ideal for those who don't like the feel of too much product


  • Packaging can become flakey

Best drugstore brow gel

Junior Beauty Editor Rachael says: 'The Brow Glue Instant Styler by NYX Professional Makeup is an excellent option for those looking for a cheap brow gel. Not only is the staying power immense (I wore this on one of the hottest days of the year thus far) but the finish really mimics the effect of a brow lamination - think smoother, sleeker and straighter brows with just a sweep. My only gripe? Use too much and you'll have to contend with a waxy finish. Less is more - consider this your warning for the best results.

Customer review: 'Love this brow glue, was using it in the clear now started using the shaded one. Stays in place all day and great for no make up days to make those brows look fuller!'


  • Comes in a clear and a tinted version


  • Don't apply heavy handedly - a little goes a long way.

Best Volumising Eyebrow Gel

For fuller more fluffy brows consider this the ticket. This fibre-enriched tinted brow gel effortlessly grooms, colours and defines - without the slightest hint of the mess that you might usually associate with fibre gel products. Just a slick adds serious oomph to hairs, while still managing to look natural. Bonus points as the formula is made with panthenol to condition in the long run - that means you can expect healthier brows with consistent use.

Customer review: I tried the shade 02 which is suited to blondes and redheads. Honestly, I'm very impressed! I've got light hair - ginger which goes lighter in the summer. This is the EXACT shade of my brows, I have never found this before! When I bought it I didn't believe it could possibly be this good a match but it really is.'


  • Available in 5 shades
  • Small, precise applicator


  • Will dry out quickly if lid is not secure - we learned this the hard way!

Best strengthening brow gel

Junior Beauty Editor Rachael says: 'In terms of formulations, few impress quite like the bareMinerals Strength and Length Brow Gel Sculpt. Made with conditioning panthenol and nourishing squalane,the vegan formula calms unruly hairs, tinting and defining with just a single brush thorough. I'm absolutely guilty of over-plucking, and did see some hair growth in sparse areas after I'd used this for around six-weeks.'

Customer review: 'I use this alongside the bareminerals mineral mist brow pencil in the same shade. Helps to neaten up my brows and also notice there is some growth where I've over plucked in the past.'


  • Available in 4 shades
  • Paraben-free
  • Vegan


  • Has form for selling out

Best clear eyebrow gel

Junior Beauty Editor Rachael says: 'Waterproof and strong-hold, this is the setting gel I'll take on holiday if I want my brows to sit perfectly poolside. It's totally clear so keeps hairs sitting pretty without looking 'done.'

Customer review: 'Really impressed, keeps brows fixed in place even during a sweaty work out. The only downside is if you use too much brows can go really crispy. Washes out well with a cleaning balm or oil.'

'I was skeptical this would be able to hold my thick dark brows in place as many others have struggled. But I was pleasantly surprised, very lightweight formula and no crispy feeling.  10/10'


  • Water-proof


  • Don't use too much. Any excess product dries hard.

Best sculpting eyebrow gel

UKLash have amassed something of a cult following in recent years - and products such as this would indicate the reason why. Comb through brows for a fuller, more defined shape that doesn't budge throughout the day.

Customer review: 'This is my new HG for taming unruly brows. This, dare I say, works even better than brow freeze. I'm talking ALL DAY hold. I have brows that are stubborn and unruly af, and they still look perfect at the end of the day (I am also a big sweater, but that was no problem with this). Seriously, everyone needs this in their life. I still use my ABH brow applicator to really press my brows in place, that would be a great product to add to the family.'


  • Vegan
  • Cruelty-free


  • May have to spend extra time removing excess product from the edges of brows

Best for suble hold

This brow gel is an excellent option for those who like undetectable hold. Simply sweep the wand through brows and let it set.

Customer review: 'This is honestly a very good eyebrow gel especially for it being clear. It has a great finish that looks natural, it does not flake, and does not make my eyebrows look frosty. It does not have as strong of a hold as some of my other gels but I do have wild eyebrows.'


  • Invisible finish


  • Can flake if applied to heavily

An icon if there ever was one, the Anastasia Dip Brow has graced more than just a few beauty bags in its time. The best part? If strong, dramatic brows are your MO then you best believe this is still worth its salt. This mini version is perfect for on the go.

Customer review: 'This product allows me to have eyebrows be seen! I have naturally blonde eyebrows that are more opaque than anything. Adding this to my eyebrows is easy, quick and long lasting! I have eyebrows all day that helps me look complete!'


  • Highly pigmented
  • Smudge-proof


  • Application can be messy if you use too much

Best for flexible hold

Created to 'suit all brow shades and skin tones,' expect an easily buildable gel that grooms with ease. The water-based formula ensures a comfortable texture, too. If it's good enough for Selena...

Customer review: 'This is the only brow gel I’ve found that will keep my brows in place all day, without adding a white cast. I’ve started ordering multiple at a time because I don’t want to ever run out.'

Best online reviews

Acting Beauty Director Verity Clark: 'Benefit having been giving me good - well, better - brows since I was a teenager. I was a fan of the OG formula but the upgraded version is even better. The teeny tiny spoolie brushes up hairs without depositing product onto unwanted areas. Gel wise it’s more of a pomade but it fills in my sparse brows and plumps up the hairs for a fuller brow that still looks natural.'

Customer review: 'I have been using this particular benefit product for a long time now and along with other benefit brow products it does not disappoint! it's amazing! It covers your brows so well and gives them a great shape. Also great if you have your brows tinted as when tint starts fading this keeps your brows looking fresh in between salon visits.'


  • 10 shades
  • Volumising


  • Some reviewers say they could do with more product for the price

How to choose the right brow gel for you?

Coarse brows: 'If your brows are unruly, coarse, or wiry you may require a brow gel with a stronger holding power to keep them in place, explains Hogsden. 'A gel with a waterproof or long-wearing formula such as Benefit’s 24-HR BrowSetter, £26 is ideal.'

Sparse brows: 'If your brows are sparse or over-plucked, choose a tinted gel that can fill in and enhance'.

Rachael Martin is Grazia’s Junior Beauty Editor. Originally from Northern Ireland, she studied English Literature at Queen’s University Belfast, before moving to London to pursue a career in magazine journalism.

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