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Let's talk body make-up. Make-up is not solely reserved for your face. It can work just as well on your body evening skin tone and adding serious radiance. And while a dash of fake tan is also great for achieving an all-over glow, body make-up is instant and doesn’t require any time to develop (a big plus). Popular among the celebrity circuit, Beyoncé, Vanessa Hudgens and the Kardashian clan are all cited fans - so much so that Kim even launched her own Skin Perfecting Body Foundation, $45, two years ago.

Proving just how effective body make-up can be, Instagram’s glow queen and make-up artist Nikki Wolff just shared a video (in a paid partnership with S19) showcasing the lustrous results. ‘Flawless skin all over all summer with this two-step routine,’ reads the caption. Step 1? Nikki applies S19 Super FX Body Makeup in Shade 7, £25, on model @missmichuki using a short bristled brushed to blend it in across the arms and decolletage. Next? She works in the S19 Bronze Body Gloss, £25, to create that silky smooth, gleaming glow. Totally sold, we’ve spoken to the pro’s at body make-up favourite Vita Liberata for their expert application tips and tricks…

What is body make-up?

'Body make-up works in the same way as face make-up,' says Vita Liberata Ambassador Silver Goodwin, 'evening out pigmentation irregularities and helping to conceal marks, veins, bruises or blemishes, while often also containing nourishing ingredients which benefit the skin's health.'

How do you apply body make-up?

According to Goodwin, a tanning mitt is a must-have. 'It will guarantee a flawless, streak-free finish,' she says. 'Start by applying your chosen body make-up in elongated circular movements. Be generous with the product, making sure there's enough product to cover all the skin and that you are not leaving patches uncovered.' Once you've blended it in Goodwin recommends allowing the product to dry before getting dressed. 'Oh and if you don’t have a tan mitt, apply using a kabuki or bronzer brush,' she adds.

Can body make-up transfer onto clothes?

Not all body make-up is created equal but look out for water-resistant formulas that promise 24 hours wear like Vita Liberata Body Blur, £29.95. 'If you apply too much body make-up or do not fully blend the product into your skin, it can transfer onto clothes,' says Goodwin, 'if that happens, try mixing lemon and water and soak the stain for half an hour or so.'

Thankfully there are so many light textured and long-lasting formulas that make application a breeze and stay put 'til you wash it off. Shop from our edit below...

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Best Body Make-Up

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This one is unanimously the Grazia Beauty Team's favourite. Honestly. Try it once and you won't look back. Smooth it on with a tanning mit, or a large make-up brush with densely packed-in bristles for best results. Your skin will look smooth, polished and boast a subtle sheen.

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Gate crash any beauty or fashion shoot and you'll likely see a bottle of this stuff on the make-up artist's table. Used for years to perfect models' decolletage and limbs alike under the HD glare of the lens, it has proved its worth time and time again.

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For a tad more extra coverage go for this classy little option. Smooth on sparingly, and build in layers until you reach your desired level of coverage. It's handily packed with SPF 15 too, making it the perfect on-holiday option.

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This one is less of a foundation, and more of a kick ass serum backed with a good dose of bronze and a touch of shimmer. Don't limit its use to your legs either, it looks incredible on your arms, decolletage, shoulders, you name it. It's packed with vitamin C, vitamin E and arnica too, to deeply hydrate and brighten your skin. What a star.

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Available in 7 shades, Fenty's Body Sauce lends limbs a radiant, lit-from-within glow with buildable coverage that blends in seamlessly. The formula itself has a gel-like texture that sinks in straight away and is laced with babassu oil and vitamin E to nourish skin.

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You might be a fan of the original body oil already (who can resist that smell?!) but NUXE have cranked things up a gear with this luxurious shimmering edition. The classic formula nourishes, repairs and softens and doses your skin up with a gorgeous sheen too.

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Queen of glow Charlotte Tilbury was inspired by slimming shape-wear when creating this cult classic product. It can be used to smooth your contours, disguise surface unevenness and dial up the glow.

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