These Are The Actual Products Our Beauty Team Take On Holiday

From balmy blushes to refreshing mists...

by Rachael Martin |
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It's (almost) summer, so what better time than to streamline your beauty bag - especially if you're set to travel to sunnier climes. From balmy blushers sans stickiness to white-cast free SPF's, the Grazia Beauty team are here to take you through their must have summer beauty buys for 2024. Consider this an edit of sunshine ready products that will work hard all season long.

Verity Clark, Acting Beauty Director

Verity Clark, Acting Beauty Director: 'Flights, late nights, early starts and new beds, a recipe for adventure but also a perfect storm for a restless night’s sleep. Enter these herbal remedy patches from London’s coolest acupuncturist, Ross Barr – he counts Alexa Chung and Jamie Dornan as clients – which are designed to command blissful doziness. The aromatherapy adhesives use sweet cinnamon, wild jujube seed and coix seed to relax racing minds and fidgety limbs.'

Verity Clark, Acting Beauty Director: 'Yes, I’m that person on a plane with a lengthy in-flight skincare routine. Face mask, eye patches, serum – the lot. My non-negotiable is a mini mist to spritz throughout the flight to hydrate my parched skin. This one is infused with rose and is refreshing, revitalising and, crucially for my fellow passengers, sweet smelling. Great as a cooling treat on balmy beach days too.'

Verity Clark, Acting Beauty Director: 'For 11 months of the year my poor torso and limbs are utterly neglected; they’re lucky if they see shower gel, let alone moisturiser. The exception is those few weeks I’m basking in sunnier climbs. There’s no better feeling than that post-shower glow after a day in the sun and this rich, buttery balm takes things to the next level. Bursting with omegas, ceramides, and flower oils it instantly sinks into skin, soothes any irritation or inflammation, and leaves your body with a lovely glisten minus the sticky residue associated with most body balms. I have to fight my family for this throughout the holiday – proof it’s an essential!'

Rachael Martin, Junior Beauty Editor

Rachael Martin, Junior Beauty Editor: 'I'll never be without a slick of colour on my lips - even on no make-up days. This is where Hello Sunday’s dreamy, tinted lip balm comes in, which, quite literally, had me at hello. It's my summer beauty non-negotiable and I adore its ability to lift my mood. On my recent holiday to Ibiza this was my pool-side go to - and for good reason. Not only is it enriched with nourishing shea butter (giving it that oh-so rich texture) and hydrating hyaluronic acid (think plumped up, super-soft lips) but it's also fortified with SPF 50 for UV and UVB protection. The shade the “The Rose One” is a beautiful, subtle pink that enhances my natural lip colour.'

Rachael Martin, Junior Beauty Editor: 'This season we've been in full testing mode - the latest on my list was working through my stash of gradual tans. It didn't take me long to be reminded of the absolute brilliance of this particular tan. An oldie but a goodie, Tan-Luxe The Gradual Lotion sits somewhere between a lotion and an oil. I'll decant it into a smaller bottle when I'm travelling and apply it in the evening post-shower. While no mitt is necessary, washing your hands well afterwards is a must to avoid tell-tale streaks. Just a small amount delivers a natural, buildable colour that mimics a real tan. I'd say a singular application is enough to leave me with a subtle my-skin-but-better glow, but the second layer is when I'm most impressed. My skin is left golden and radiant - like an afternoon spent sunbathing. In reality? Well, I've been hiding in the shade covered with hefty layer of SPF 50 and a sunhat the size of a parasol. Would recommend.'

Rachael Martin, Junior Beauty Editor: 'This dream balm has become a mainstay in my summer beauty bag for years now thanks to its ability to impart the most stunningly beautiful wash of colour across my pale complexion. I'll take my middle and ring fingers and press a small amount where the sun would naturally hit - across my forehead, nose, eyelids and the apples of my cheeks. The results? A sun-flushed, fresh-from-the-beach hue that oozes radiance. The texture is glossy and balmy, without ever feeling sticky. My go-to shade? "Divine Rose," which, as you can imagine, is as beautiful as the name would suggest.'

Sameeha Shaikh, Beauty Writer

Sameeha Shaikh, Beauty Writer: 'It was love at first pump with this SPF, how many of us can say that? As essential as they are, most sunscreens can leave skin feeling heavy and clogged, which is the last thing you want on holiday. This SPF flips the script. The ultra-light, hybrid water-gel texture, loaded with aloe vera, vitamin E and hyaluronic acid, feels much more like a calming serum than a broad-spectrum sun protector. Once glided over skin, the white lotion turns transparent and imparts an uber-refreshing and comfortable protective glaze on the skin, all without the greasy feel. The best bit? It suits all skin tones, types and is wondrous under make-up.'

Sameeha Shaikh, Beauty Writer: 'I'm aware many of us prefer to opt for a lighter base while abroad in the sun and while i'd love to share those sentiments, my problematic skin doesn't allow for a sheer tint. I've found a middle ground with this game-changer. It boasts a gorgeous medium-full coverage and still manages to deliver a natural-looking, silky second skin finish. The gel-crème formula is especially good while in the sun, it's comforting and hydrating but blurs and controls shine simultaneously. It's not hard to see why this is such a viral hit.'

Sameeha Shaikh, Beauty Writer: 'A comforting face mist is a non-negotiable while I'm away and its appeal begins well before I've reached my destination. I always carry one while flying for those moments when my skin becomes dry, tight and congested thanks to the high pressure and low humidity levels on board. This clever mist features rose water and the brand's proprietary TFC8® technology to protect skin from oxidative and environmental stressors, ergo it rehydrates and soothes in to time.'

Renee Washington, Fashion & Beauty Assistant


This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray

this works spray
Price: £21

Renee Washington, Fashion & Beauty Assistant: 'Traveling can wreak havoc on my sleep schedule, never mind the fact I’m also someone who finds it very difficult to get a good night's slumber away from home. Enter the This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray which is my secret weapon for catching those precious Zzz's on the go. This award-winning natural wonder transforms any hotel room into a mini sanctuary. A calming blend of lavender, chamomile, and vetiver washes over me as I spritz the mist and I find it melts away travel stress in an instant.'

Renee Washington, Fashion & Beauty Assistant: 'Healthy hair doesn't have to take a vacation when you do. The Kitsch Satin Sleep XL Adjustable Bonnet is my travel BFF for maintaining my hair. Made from luxurious satin, this bonnet minimises friction throughout the night, preventing frizz and breakage. Hello, smooth, sleek strands and not even the slightest hint of a bed head! The adjustable tie sides ensure a comfortable fit, so I can toss and turn without the bonnet budging. Perfect for long hair types and curl patterns, this little gem is a game-changer for travel beauty routines. Trust me!'

Renee Washington, Fashion & Beauty Assistant: 'Let's be honest, airplane travel can leave you looking a little worse for wear. That's why I always pack the Topicals Faded Under Eye Mask 6 Pack. These cool-girl approved hydrogel masks are the ultimate pick-me-up for tired eyes. Packed with caffeine and brightening ingredients like kojic acid and arbutin, they work their magic while I kick back and relax. By the time I land, my dark circles have faded away, leaving me looking refreshed and ready to conquer my trip. Plus, with six masks in a pack, there's enough to share with my friends.'

Rachael Martin is Grazia’s Junior Beauty Editor. Originally from Northern Ireland, she studied English Literature at Queen’s University Belfast, before moving to London to pursue a career in magazine journalism.

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