Beauty Icons From The Year You Were Born

Beauty Icons

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Beauty icons from the year you were born

Marilyn Monroe1 of 51

1950 - Marilyn Monroe

One of the greatest icons of all time, Marilyn Monroe's signature red lip and beauty mark have been imitated too many times to count.

vivien leigh2 of 51

1952 - Vivien Leigh

Vivien Leigh starred in 1951's A Streetcar Named Desire opposite Marlon Brando. Reported by actor David Niven to be 'quite, quite mad', Leigh was an exceptional talent as well as a great beauty.

Debbie Reynolds3 of 51

1952 - Debbie Reynolds

Singing' in the Rain's Debbie Reynolds (mother of another beauty, Carrie Fisher) was actually originally spotted at a beauty pageant, but became well known for her dancing abilities.

Audrey Hepburn4 of 51

1953 - Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn doesn't exactly need an introduction. Her bone structure, incredible skin and full brow put her firmly at the top of the pile.

Grace Kelly5 of 51

1954 - Grace Kelly

Actress-turned princess Grace Kelly was famed for her beauty and impeccable sense of style. She became a source of infatuation for director Alfred Hitchcock, who included her in films including Rear Window.

Lauren Bacall6 of 51

1955 - Lauren Bacall

Lauren Bacall was a womanly, rather than a girlish, beauty. She adamantly refused to pluck her eyebrows or straighten her teeth when requested to do so, and as a skilled make up artist she frequently painted her own face and arranged her own hair. She's believed to have influenced red carpet looks worn by anyone from Cara Delevingne to Cate Blanchett. Beauty mogul Bobbi Brown even created a make up collection inspired by the actress.

Katherine Hepburn7 of 51

1956 - Katherine Hepburn

As well as being a leading fashion icon (pioneering the khakis-and-shirt look at a time when trousers were not generally worn by women), Katherine Hepburn was a beauty icon, known for her sharp cheekbones athletic, rather than ultra-feminine, build.

Sophia Loren8 of 51

1957 - Sophia Loren

Sophia Loren (amazingly) lost out in a beauty pageant for Miss Italia in 1950, which led her to pursue what ended up being a very successful acting career. Her 'cat eye' look is still copied extensively today and Dolce & Gabbana created a 'Sophia' lipstick inspired by the icon.

Ingrid Bergman9 of 51

1958 - Ingrid Bergman

Swedish star Ingrid Bergman is perhaps best known for her role in* Casablanca*. Another Hitchcock favourite, her Spellbound co-star Gregory Peck suggested she was even more beautiful away from studio cameras. Her total unselfconsciousness was remarked upon, as well her unusually (for an actress of that time) healthy appetite. Indeed, her film studio supposedly had to limit her ice cream intake.

Doris Day10 of 51

1959 - Doris Day

Tomboy-next-door Doris Day was the ultimate America's Sweetheart. The star of Calamity Jane and Pillow Talk was a talented singer and actress, and her tanned complexion and bright blonde hair certainly never went out of style.

Janet Leigh11 of 51

1960 - Janet Leigh

Yet another of Hitchcock's favoured blonde actresses, Janet Leigh will forever be remember for her performance in* Psycho* – but she also starred in five films alongside then-husband Tony Curtis. Together they were the 'Brad and Angelina' of the 1950s – beautiful and fascinating to the press and public.

Natalie Wood12 of 51

1961 - Natalie Wood

Natalie Wood starred in West Side Story in 1961. The actress is often said to be one of the most beautiful stars to have ever lived and she won multiple Golden Globes for performances including that in Rebel Without A Cause.

Jean Seberg13 of 51

1962 - Jean Seberg

Jean Seberg was born in the United States but, having spent most of her life in Paris she is generally associated with a more French style. Her close cropped hairstyle, fresh make up and stripy t shirts have been endlessly copied over the years.

Elizabeth Taylor14 of 51

1963 - Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor famously took on the role of Cleopatra in 1963. Her life was fascinating (getting divorced from and then remarried to Richard Burton with an additional six marriages) and she continues to be one of the most memorable and striking beauties of all time.

Brigitte Bardot15 of 51

1964 - Brigitte Bardot

Brigitte Bardot was the quintessential French pin up. Her nude skin and lips finished with smoky eye make up remains foolproof today.

Edie Sedgwick16 of 51

1965 - Edie Sedgwick

Edie Sedgwick was Andy Warhole's muse, known for her gamine beauty. A true It Girl, her look embodied the Swinging Sixties – short dresses layered under fur coats, and all the time the kohled eyes and Bambi eyelashes. Dying her hair from brown to peroxide blonde was a winning move.

Twiggy17 of 51

1966 - Twiggy

You can't underestimate Twiggy's influence on the fashion and beauty world. With her distinctive cropped hair, doe eyes and freckles, she was the biggest model in Britain at that time (and, ironically, one of the shortest, at 5ft 6in).

Marianne Faithful18 of 51

1967 - Marianne Faithful

One of the most popular Sixties fashion icons, Marianne Faithfull is widely considered to be the original rock chick. She famously began an affair with Mick Jagger in 1966, which was the start of a downward spiral for the singer. Her thrown-together style remains extremely influential today (she notoriously accused one-time friend Kate Moss of being 'vampirical' for copying her taste in both clothes and men).

Raquel Welch19 of 51

1968 - Raquel Welch

Chosen as beauty icon by MAC in 2007, Raquel Welch became something of a pin up after appearing in an iconic fur bikini in One Million Years B.C.

Diana Ross20 of 51

Diana Ross

Born and raised in Detroit, Diana Ross first found stardom with Motown girl group The Supremes. They became one of the best-selling groups of all time with songs like 'Come See About Me' and 'Where Did Our Love Go'. Diana showed the world she's still got it with the release of her 25th studio album 'Thank You' in November 2021.

Bianca Jagger21 of 51

1970 - Bianca Jagger

Nicaraguan former actress Bianca Jagger met Mick Jagger at a party in 1970 and married him the following year. She was a close friend of Andy Warhol and was a great style and beauty influencer of the 70s and 80s. She often wore a red lip and paired back eye make up – she was very naturally beautiful.

Jackie Onassis22 of 51

1971 - Jackie Onassis

Always immaculate, Jackie O's style and beauty have captivated people for years – most recently she was portrayed by Natalie Portman in Jackie. She favoured a strong brow and never shied away from a red lipstick.

Marie Helvin23 of 51

1972 - Marie Helvin

Born in Tokyo and raised in Hawaii, Marie Helvin was a hugely popular model in the 70s, often featured in British Vogue. She gained further notoriety when she married photographer David Bailey in 1975, and in her modelling heyday she was best friends with fellow beauty icon Jerry Hall.

Jane Birkin24 of 51

1973 - Jane Birkin

British-born Jane Birkin became known for a professional and personal relationship with Serge Gainsbourg in the 70s. Working as a singer and actress, she famously inspired the Hermes Birkin bag, and countless fashion and beauty trends since.

Beverly Johnson25 of 51

1974 - Beverly Johnson

Beverly Johnson was the first African-American model to grace the cover of Vogue, in 1974. She's credited as paving the way for African-American models like Naomi Campbell, Tyra Banks, Alek Wek et al. Her influence in the beauty industry really cannot be underestimated.

Jerry Hall26 of 51

1975 - Jerry Hall

Jerry Hall's distinctive 70s look comprised long blonde hair, even longer legs and classic red lips. She went on to be the next Mrs Mick Jagger, having lured him away from Bianca Jagger. Born in Texas, she's a true Southern belle.

Iman27 of 51

1976 - Iman

Iman was discovered while at University but had her big break a year later with a Vogue modelling assignment. Yves Saint Laurent described her as his 'dream woman'. An exceptional beauty, she dated Warren Beatty in 1977 but later married David Bowie in 1992, staying together until his recent death.

Diana Keaton28 of 51

1977 - Diane Keaton

Diane Keaton starred in the hugely influential Annie Hall in 1977 (the Woody Allen movie is believed to have inspired countless films, including When Harry Met Sally). Her endlessly imitated style and low maintenance beauty (unfussed hair, parted in the middle, a slick of eyeliner and dab of blusher) made her a real 70s icon.

Olivia Newton-John29 of 51

1978 - Olivia Newton-John

Olivia Newton John starred in Grease in 1978, influencing girls the world over to wear their hair blonde and their make up bright.

Abba30 of 51

1979 - Abba

With the OTT makeup and blown out hair, Abba's Agnetha Åse Fältskog and Anni-Frid Lyngstad have to get a mention – and when people talk about the 1970s music icons, it's often Abba that instinctively spring to mind.

Debbie Harry31 of 51

1980 - Debbie Harry

Sharp cheekbones, bleach-blonde shag and smouldering eye make up formed Debbie Harry's Punk look.

Brooke Shields32 of 51

1981 - Brooke Shields

Brooke Shields was the youngest model to grace the cover of Vogue. Her natural good looks secured her a campaign with Calvin Klein, and many a woman grew out her brows because of her.

Grace Jones33 of 51

1982 - Grace Jones

Grace Jones needs little introduction – her incredibly distinctive style made her an icon in the 80s, with a successful career as both model and singer under her belt. She pioneered a strong but womanly aesthetic, in stark contrast to the 'heroine chic' days to follow.

Carrie Fisher34 of 51

1983 - Carrie Fisher

Carrie Fisher made waves with her appearance as Princess Leia in Return of the Jedi, complete with gold bikini and that iconic hairstyle.

Molly Ringwald35 of 51

1984 - Molly Ringwald

Molly Ringwald was one of the biggest actresses of the 80s. From Pretty in Pink to *The Breakfast Club *and Sixteen Candles, she inspired legions of girls with her cropped red hair, pouty lips and thrift-store-chic style.

Madonna36 of 51

1985 - Madonna

1985 was the year of* Into the Groove*, Madonna's song for film Desperately Seeking Susan, in which she also starred. Red lips, head scarves, dishevelled highlighted hair, giant earrings and heavy dark brows – all trends led by Madonna.

Demi Moore37 of 51

1986 - Demi Moore

Demi Moore started her career as a model before landing a series of breakout roles (*St. Elmo's Fire *being one). She became a major style, and her 80s look was all thick dark hair and bright pink lipstick.

Princess Diana38 of 51

1987 - Princess Diana

Thought by many to have been one of the most beautiful women in the world, Princess Diana's influence was considerable. Fresh faced, her make up was always simple – supposedly she loved having her make up done. Always tanned and somehow healthy-looking, the effortlessness of her look is what makes it so iconic.

Winona Ryder39 of 51

1988 - Winona Ryder

Post Beetlejuice, Heathers was Winona Ryder's big 1988 movie, and it became a cult classic. Ryder's porcelain skin and series of haircuts (that much-imitated pixie crop) made her an eminent beauty icon – though she claims to have been cast as the 'ugly duckling' in her early films.

Meg Ryan40 of 51

1989 - Meg Ryan

Like Jennifer Aniston, Meg Ryan was something of a hair icon in her acting prime. 1989 was, of course, the year of When Harry Met Sally, and loveable Meg sported a few classic hairstyles, from tight perm to messy curls and grown up lob. Her shorter hair of the 90s also inspired a wave of copycats.

Claudia Schiffer41 of 51

1990 - Claudia Schiffer

Claudia Schiffer was, of course, one of the original 'Supers', and it isn't hard to see why. She rose to fame in the early 90s, and was compared to Sixties beauty Brigitte Bardot.

Naomi Campbell42 of 51

1991 - Naomi Campbell

Recruited as a teenager, Naomi Campbell swiftly established herself as one of the very top earning models of the 90s. Her and Kate Moss were quite the power duo.

Tyra Banks43 of 51

1992 - Tyra Banks

A successful Victoria Secret model, Tyra Banks also acted, appearing in *Fresh Prince of Bel-Air *in the 90s. Who can forget her role on America's Next Top Model, which savvy Banks created.

Kate Moss44 of 51

1993 - Kate Moss

Kate Moss would look incredible any which way, but her fresh-faced, unmade look of the early 90s (circa her Calvin Klein campaign) was a particular winner.

Pamela Anderson45 of 51

1994 - Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson would have graced many a boy's bedroom wall around the time she starred in* Baywatch*. Super-pencilled on eyebrows, big blonde hair a year-round tan sums up her look.

Alicia Silverstone46 of 51

1995 - Alicia Silverstone

Any Clueless fan would have held Alicia Silverstone - or 'Cher' - in very high regard in 1995.

CIndy Crawford47 of 51

1996 - Cindy Crawford

Another 'Super', Cindy Crawford was not only a model but a spokesperson, regularly appearing on tv. Her trademark mole was copied by many an impressionable girl in the late 90s.

Jennifer Aniston48 of 51

1997 - Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston was perhaps the most beloved Friends star, and her hair remained a talking point throughout the show's history.

Cameron Diaz49 of 51

1998 - Cameron Diaz

With the release of There's Something About Mary came a new haircut to copy - Cameron Diaz's short, blonde bob.

Gwen Stefani50 of 51

1999 - Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani, has never been one to shy away from a slightly bonkers look - remember that pink hair and braces combination? Coloured highlights and a bold red lip seemed to be a signature look.

Kate Hudson51 of 51

2000 - Kate Hudson

This year saw the release of Almost Famous, a film that earned Kate Hudson an Oscar nomination. If nothing else the movie is worth watching for the abundance of fashion and beauty inspiration - bare-faced Kate is perfect in the role of 70s groupie Penny Lane.

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