Selling Sunset’s Amanza Smith On Her Go-To Beauty Products, Including This £8.99 Liquid Lipstick

From her impressive skincare regime to life in lockdown, we caught up with Amanza Smith from Selling Sunset

Amanza Smith Selling Sunset

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Joining The Oppenheim Group in the second series of Netflix’s Selling Sunset, newcomer Amanza Smith was fast to become a fan favourite. Independent, strong-willed and not afraid to speak her mind, Amanza’s genuine personality along with her eye for design has helped to catapult her success in business. Initially joining the team as the in-house interior design expert, Amanza went on to get her real estate license and try her hand at selling properties. ‘Now that I’m an agent, I can list the house, stage the house, sell the house, then decorate the house,’ she said on the show.

With rumours of a fourth series expected to air next year (although Netflix are yet to confirm this), we caught up with Amanza to chat all things beauty. Here, she shares her make-up staples, her go-to hair and how she’s finding life in lockdown…

On Selling Sunset

‘I love that people are enjoying the show,’ Amanza tells us, ‘I didn’t realise it was such a huge success as I was quarantining at home when the series aired.’ Released on Netflix back in August, season 3 of Selling Sunset proved to be a BIG hit with so many of us tuning in for some light-hearted (and heated) escapism. ‘It’s been quite the whirlwind since, and I’m still not used to the attention when out and about in public.’

Reflecting on the show, Amanza recalls her favourite scene where her two children, Braker and Noah, made an appearance. ‘It’s a good confidence booster for when I’m feeling stuck or not very productive,’ she says, ‘I can hear those little voices telling me they are proud of me.’

On The Office Dress Code

Famous for their LBD’s and killer heels, The Oppenheim Group dress code is ultra glamourous. ‘We’re fashionable on and off camera,’ says Amanza. ‘I enjoy picking my outfits, for me it’s like designing a room – you can experiment with colour, pattern and texture. Sometimes it works and other times I want to run home and change,’ she laughs.

On Her Go-To Beauty Look

On and off the show, Amanza loves to experiment with her hair style. But her go to look? ‘It has to be a high tight ponytail because it’s quick and sleek,’ she tells us. ‘I also love that it lifts my eyes for that cat-eye effect.’

‘As far as make-up goes, I always fill in my brows, dot apply concealer and apply a slick of lip gloss,’ says Amanza. Her lip product of choice? ‘I recently bought the [Revlon ultra HD Matte Lip Color, £8.99](, and it’s so nice.’ For filming, she'll take it up a notch – ‘I’ll add bronzer, foundation and liner. My current favourite concealer and foundation are from Shiseido.’

On Her Skincare Routine

Owner of incredible skin, Amanza admits she has been fortunate not to experience many breakouts in her time. Still, the real estate star has locked down an impressive skincare regime. ‘I am religious about cleansing and will double cleanse to remove all my make-up. Next, I’ll use a toner and occasionally salicylic acid on areas that get the odd blemish such as my chin, nose and forehead. I’ll follow this with a really good vitamin C serum and then my favourite moisturiser.’ Like we said, impressive!

Her top secret? ‘I recently started using bio-oil a couple of times a week before bed – it feels very oily when you first apply it, but it soon sinks in and my skin looks so radiant come morning.’

On Life In Lockdown

‘During lockdown I’ve really invested the time to create a good skincare routine,’ says Amanza, ‘sometimes I’ll get experimental and make DIY face masks with my daughter. I’ve also been trying to get my hair healthier by not applying so much heat and taking hair vitamins by hairtamin – they’re delicious and natural.’

‘Of course, I’ve also been designing furniture pieces and accessories to add to my future home goods line.’

And finally, the question on everyones mind - will there be a season 4 of Selling Sunset? 'We haven't had confirmation of a season 4,' assures Amanza - but here's to hoping it's just around the corner.

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Selling Sunset Amanza Smith Beauty Products

Selling Sunset Amanza Smith Beauty Products1 of 4

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