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Adele's signature winged eyeliner is almost as famous as her. Ok, that's perhaps a slight exaggeration, but think about it. Beauty wise what links that iconic single cover for Hello, the majority of her music videos and the new Vogue cover that landed this week together? A precision applied liner look. That's what.

Ahead of her wildly anticipated new album - arriving on the 19th November - Adele caused a sensation on social media this week, both with a tantalising music video teaser and the release of those Vogue images. It was no surprise to see that make-up artist royalty Pat McGrath - also known as The Mother, by those in the know - was the genius behind Adele's cover look.

The warm pink, diffused smoky eye; the fleshy nude lip; the XXL hair, there is so. much. to love about this make-up. Adele is back! And Pat McGrath we bow down to you. Again.

Pat even took to Instagram to list the products she used and finally revealed the exact eyeliner behind Adele's signature eye look.

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Pat McGrath Labs Mothership IX: Huetopian Dream Palette, £120

Once you try a Pat McGrath eyeshadow, you simply don't look back. The pigment is second to none: they're buttery, opaque, and blend like a dream. The glitter shades are our favourite. They're best applied with the finger instead of a brush - you can deposit more colour this way, for the way the warmth of your finger picks up the shadows well. We'd put our money on Adele wearing the shade on the top right of the palette.

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Pat McGrath Labs Blush + Glow Trio in Galactic Sun, £41

Let it be known: more people need to wear peach blush. The peach shade - especially combined with the pink - make for the prettiest flush of colour we know. This highlighter isn't for the faint of heart, either. Pat calls it a 'high-intensity glow', and we're inclined to agree. This oyster colour imparts a serious glow that shifts beautifully under light and accentuates bone structure.

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Pat McGrath Labs Dark Star Mascara, £26

The wand of Pat's mascara is seriously chunky, but don't be deceived: we've found that it isn't one to clump easily. Whilst mascaras can be challenging to review (lash types are as varied as skin types, trust us), the common denominator here is that it makes lashes look fanned out and fluttery. Don't expect bundles of volume in the first coat, but it is very easily built to achieve more drama.

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Pat McGrath Labs Perma Precision Liquid Eyeliner, £26

Here She Is. The eyeliner that Pat used on Adele is exactly the kind we love. The felt tip pen design is about as foolproof as an eyeliner can be: it's easy to hold, allows for expert precision and glides like a dream to create a feline flick. Whilst some eyeliners dry and lose their inky black shade, this eyeliner stays that true, sooty black all. day. long.

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Pat McGrath Labs MatteTrance Lipstick, Christy, £36

Pat McGrath's matte lipstick formulas are loved by those in the know. Pat calls it a 'powder in a bullet', and we're inclined to agree. These lipsticks do feel powdery - in the very best way. The powder is oil-infused, so the lipsticks feel comfortable and easy to wear. We're obsessed with this fleshy beige peach that Adele was wearing: it complements any intense eye make-up perfectly.

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