These Are The Best Long-Lasting Lipsticks According To Our Beauty Team

It doesn't matter if it's a dusky rose, popping coral or bold red - just make sure it's one of these long-wearing formulas.

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What could be better than a bold slick of lipstick? A long-lasting bold slick of lipstick, of course. Here at Grazia HQ we're all about a strong lip statement. And right now, everywhere we look, bold colours are showing no signs of fading. Spotted on our clothes, hair accessories and even shoes - bright bursts of orange, pinks, purples and blues are injecting some much needed joy into our lives. Beauty e-tailer, Look Fantastic has already seen a +20% rise in searches for bold hues since early January and are only expecting this number to rise.

Any Hollywood screen siren worth their salt can tell you a bold lip demands to be noticed, and there's nothing wrong with being the centre of attention from time to time, right? The only downside is that application can be fiddly and bright colours are not as forgiving as pale hues when it comes to precision. But fear not, because we've trialled a whole bunch of lipsticks that claim to be long-lasting, and we can now present to you the cream of the crop.

Whether you favour a gloss or a good ol' fashioned stick, there's something for everyone in our seletion of utterly immovable lip colours. Pucker up...


Grazia's Best Long-lasting Lipsticks

Best Long-lasting Lipsticks
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Long-lasting doesn't have to mean matte. Case in point: Chanel's latest lip offering which lends lips a satiny shine finish in a choice of 20 sophisticated shades.

Best Long-lasting Lipsticks
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Luxurious, creamy and long-lasting - this bold bullet makes a statement while also moisturising lips with a blend of waxes and resin.

Best Long-lasting Lipsticks
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As well as leaving your lips with a silky-soft matte finish, the long-lasting pigments in the Smashbox lipsticks maintain their rich colour for hours on end. Dreamy.

Best Long-lasting Lipsticks
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So lightweight, this innovative lip powder dusts you lips with a fine coat of matte, intensely pigment colour.

Best Long-lasting Lipsticks
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If you prefer gloss over matte , opt for this high-shine liquid lipstick that sticks around all day long. We love Italian Rose - a berry-rose that's super flattering on every skin tone.

Best Long-lasting Lipsticks
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Charlotte Tilbury knows a thing or two about lipstick and her matte revolution range is impressively long-wearing. 'Lipstick tree extract' helps condition lips, whilst the 'light-diffusing' pigments give the illusion of fuller lips.

Best Long-lasting Lipsticks
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Come breakfast, cocktails, dinner... this liquid lipstick will literally not budge. The slim applicator glides on easily for perfect precision (no liner required) and drys matte for a soft, stamped-on finish.

Best Long-lasting Lipsticks
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Velvet in texture with a matte finish, these liquid lipsticks feel lighter than light, are pigment packed and don't leave that sticky feeling after application. Triple tick.

Best Long-lasting Lipsticks
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This nourishing formula (almost 50% emollients) feels too creamy to be long-lasting. But, it most definitely is. The intense colour grips on to the lips and lasts all day long.

Best Long-lasting Lipsticks
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This creamy matte gloss is one of the most raved about on the market and at £17 is an absolute steal! To add a silver lining to an already plump cloud, it comes in 26 colours. Stila you spoil us.

Best Long-lasting Lipsticks
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NYX is just the gift that keeps on giving. Not only are they one of the best drug store brands around, their lip-glosses are cheaper than lunch, which means you can buy two! The Intense Butter Gloss has the same mouth-watering texture and scent of the original formula and comes in 12 colours. A-maz-ing.

Best Long-lasting Lipsticks
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Apply two coats for maximum intensity or one if you're playing it cool. This beauty comes in 18 different shades and is enriched with Vitamin E, and everyone needs vitamins.

Best Long-lasting Lipsticks
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No lipstick countdown would be complete without MAC making an appearance, and this lipstick is one that you need to add to your collection. Kiss, have a drink, go for a run, have another drink, no matter what you do, this stuff ain't moving. You're welcome.

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