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Introducing The KOB - The Haircut Of The Summer

That's the Kardashian Bob, obvs...

First it was Kendall, then Kim, and now Khloe is the latest member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan to debut the KOB (that’s the Kardashian lob if you’re wondering).

Spotted on her Instagram five days ago, Khloe posted a selfie of her super sleek blonde cut.

Proving to be the haircut of the season, Rihanna, Ashley Graham and Selena Gomez have also recently opted for this stylish new length.

We spoke to Celebrity Hair Stylist, Luke Hersheson to find out everything you need to know before considering the KOB…

This style isn’t strictly new, and for a while our social feeds have been flooded with A-list celebrities braving the scissors for tousled shorter hair. However, Luke explains ‘I think the difference with the Kardashian cut is that it’s completely straight and blunt. Whereas in the past we’ve seen hundreds of wavy short dos, this style is much more graphic and sharp’.

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The best way to style it?

Put the curling tongs away. ‘Waving this style can make it look dated, so opt for supremely straight locks instead. Start by blow drying your hair with a round brush to keep hair flat and smooth, then divide it into small sections and use irons to make sure every strand is poker straight’, says Luke.

Can colour alter your ability to wear the KOB?

‘Yes!’ explains Luke, ‘This looks so much cooler with a solid colour - definite blonde shades, like Khloe, or sleek black works really well, but if you have dark hair that is heavily highlighted this style is not for you’.

Is it a bob a high maintenance style?

To keep that cool blunt edge Luke recommends ‘visiting the hairdressers every 6 weeks for a trim’. Also, keep your beauty arsenal nearby as products are key for maintaining this look. ‘Before blow-drying your hair spritz John Freida Frizz Ease Protecting Spray, £5.99, through the mid-lengths to ends’, advises Luke, as this will help to prevent breakage from straightening. ‘Once styled, spray a little L’Oreal Paris Elnett, £6.70, all over to tame unruly fly-aways’.

Will a bob suit me?

According to Luke, ‘Everyone can pull off a lob – it suits every face shape and is universally flattering. It just comes down to preference, if you prefer a voluminous, bouncy do – this look might not be for you, as it’s sleek and flat, staying close to the head’.

Expert tip - ‘Always show your hairdresser a picture of the look you want, and describe how it’s cut bluntly and not tapered at the ends’, advises Luke.