4 Hairstyles For Wet Hair That Are As Pretty As They Are Easy

wet hair hairstyles

by Grazia |

Those of us who turn up in the office with wet hair largely fall into two camps: those who've hit the gym before work, and then the showers, and those who kind of ran out of time for the whole 'getting ready' thing and had to go au naturel.

Of course, we all hear horror stories from our mothers about catching a cold from wet hair (more on why that's not a concern here) but the reality of going out with wet hair is that it doesn't always end up looking so hot. It can seem like swishy, bouncy, shampoo-ad hair is reserved only for those who spend hours blow-drying - but we're happy to tell you that's not the case.

Amy Heath, stylist extraordinaire at FOUR London, told us "Going out with wet hair isn't bad for your hair, but the change in temperature and humidity from indoors to outside is a nightmare for an open cuticle."

Read: if you don't prep properly, you're basically asking for frizz. Amy recommends using Redken 02 Satinwear (buy here) to help seal the cuticle and lock in shine. We grilled her about how to nail a perfect 'do from sopping wet to super chic...

"Run a light styling cream through your hair, pull into a low pony, plait, and then secure with a few bobby pins for an easy, plaited bun."

"A classic French plait keeps hair secure and frizz free" - read our French plait tutorial here.

via HairBurst and ITakeYouWedding on Pinterest
via HairBurst and ITakeYouWedding on Pinterest

"Part your hair to one side, then apply some lightweight styling cream through the lenghts. Twist your hair away from face on both sides, following round your head neatly, then secure in a knot at the back for a neat 40's esque look."

"Go for a centre part and then create two low plaits. Pull up the plaits gently and secure on top of your head, hiding the ends under one another to create easy boho Heidi hair."

via @BarefootBlonde and @TheFrisky on Pinterest
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