How To Wash Your Hair At A Festival Whether You’re Posh Or Poor

Is there a way to wash your greasy hair at Glastonbury? There certainly is.

How To Wash Your Hair At Glastonbury Whether You're Posh Or Poor

by Jess Commons |
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If the thought of going five days without washing your hair in one of the muddiest places on the planet makes you feel a deep fit of panic in your nether regions, then you’re not alone.

Back in the day, people would happily brave the festival from Wednesday to Monday without a shower and come out at the end looking like street urchins from Oliver Twist with a smile on their face. Now though, since people that really care what they look like started going to Glastonbury, hygiene at festivals has stepped up a notch and you’re going to have to go along with it... like it or not.

What this means is: washing your hair. Here’s how to do it depending on whether you’re crap or committed.

If you’re the resourceful type

You’ve been camping before you haven’t you? Thank goodness for all those boring family camping holidays your dad dragged you on to the Lake District when you were younger. While your friends spent the better part of two hours putting up a tent that’s definitely not going to survive another day, you popped yours up with ease AND had time for a cider.

You’re the kind that’ll appreciate the ‘solar shower’. Which is basically an IV drip but for water not blood that showers you, not injects you. Just hang it from the top of your tent and the sun’ll even warm the water for you. Banging.

Get one here for £4.99

If you don’t mind waiting

The Greenpeace field always has free (and hot!) showers available for anyone to use. The problem is that everyone does. Avoid mornings and take yourself down in the afternoons or evenings otherwise you’ll find yourself missing the fun bits.

If you’re loaded

Then there’s plenty of places you pay to have a shower or get your hair washed but you’ll be paying through the nose. Vanity Van over by the John Peel stage offers a DIY hair wash (over a bucket) and style (from them) for £19(!) while ZooLoos does it for £10.

If you don’t mind pissing people off

Then just do it over the sink. Again queues are shorter in the afternoon and you’ll have to contend with the Glasto regulars shouting (friendly-ish) abuse at you while you do it. Things go quicker if you just wash the parting – that’s the bit where it looks greasiest anyways.

If you’re a trailblazer (who can’t stand pissing people off)

Then bring a washing up bowl along with you and do it back at the campsite. No-one’s going to get mad at you for filling a massive water container up at a sink and they’ll never have to know that really, you’re going to use it, not for drinking purposes but for personal vanity. Sneaky.

If you can’t be arsed at all

Dry shampoo it all the way sister. And there ain’t no shame in that. Bumble + Bumble if you’re fancy (there’s different ones for different hair shades so you don’t end up with old grey hair) or standard old gets-the-job-done Batiste if you’re not.

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