7 Ways To Style An Undercut

Party in the back. Be warned: these women will make you want an undercut.

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Thinking of updating your look? Have you considered an undercut? It's a look that offers an element of surprise, makes an artistic statement and is currently sweeping Instagram. It’s relatively simple to achieve but has a drastic effect. Before you start taking a razor to your roots, we suggest booking an appointment with a skilled hairdresser or barber who will be able to achieve the look by shaving away at your hairline to create a geometric or detailed design, which can later be dyed or sprinkled with glitter.

Let's get one thing sorted before we move on, undercuts are not a trend. They have been widely misunderstood as new and been called things like ‘hair tattoos’ and ‘hair sculpting’ but, undercuts have long been a part of afro hair culture. And, while the style isn’t something that can only be worn by a certain community, its history shouldn’t be washed over. That said, let's take a second to appreciate just how inspiring and exciting this hairstyle can be. There are so many pics on cool hidden crops on the ’gram it’s hard to narrow it down, but these are our top 10 undercuts out there…

1. Undercuts With Designs

A sculpted undercut design works just as well on women’s hair as it does on men's. Experiment with sharp lines, waves or even a sculpted design that starts at the nape of your neck and arrows up to your crown.

2. Undercuts With Glitter

Glitter undercuts are sweeping festivals left, right and centre. This sparkling trend allows you to experiment with colour and designs without having to contend with the long-term, growing-out effects.

3. Undercuts With Curly Hair

As someone with curly hair, I know all too well how high-maintenance it can be. An easy way to take body and volume out of your waves is by shaving in an undercut. Use Alice Della as your style inspiration as she’s made mermaid waves and an undercut her USP.

4. Undercuts With Thin Hair

Disguise thin hair with a retro hairdo and a shockingly unexpected undercut. It’s a maverick move, but it brings instant edge to any haircut.

5. Undercuts With Long Hair

Play peak-a-boo with a long haired ponytail and a closely clipped undercut. A Strategic bun or up-do will reveal your hidden design.

6. Undercuts With Short Hair

If you’re willing to take a leaf from Kelly Osbourne and Rihanna’s school of undercuts, try one with short hair. Wearing your hair in a bob allows a little bit of mystery to remain, but if you’re feeling brave dare to bare with a pixie cut.

7. Undercuts With Colour

Take rainbow hair to the next level by dying your undercut. Zoe Kravitz has tried and tested this trend by dying the undercut of her blonde, sculpted undercut with a little blue heart.

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