How To Do The Ultimate Red Lip (Hint: It’s Very Easy!)

Forget blood reds, this season is all about the orange tones


by Chemmie Squier |

January is bleak and there's basically no getting away from it. Given that you’re probably attempting to give up alcohol for the month, your bank account is just as dry as your wine glass, oh, and apparently it’s pretty likely your loved one cheated on you on Monday, things aren’t looking too hot are they? But that doesn’t mean you can't. And the best way to do that? Opt for a red lip of course. Handily, we have on pretty good authority that this orange-red lip is the only statement lip you should be rocking this season and the amazing Lucy Joan Pearson has created one that, complete with a slight ombred-effect, is the the ideal antidote to greyish days.

Even if you have given up nights out (as if) apply this first thing at work and rock the brights to give your day a sunny edge. And, if you do succumb to a night out, whip this up on a Friday night at your desk before you head out and it'll stay put all night long.

Before you start, grab these:

  • Lip scrub

  • Lip balm

  • Orangey-red lip pencil

  • Slightly lighter orangey-red lip product

  • Cotton buds

And this is how to do it:

Step One

The longevity of this look is all in the prep so start by using a lip scrub to get rid of any dryness. The Body Shop’s Lipscuff, £8 is great but if you’re feeling thrifty, make your own using brown sugar and Vaseline. Once you’ve given them a good scryb, apply a generous amount of lip balm; Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream, £26 is amazing for hydrating. Lucy’s top tip? ‘Use a cotton bud to apply it because the rolling motion of the bud helps with exfoliation too.’ Then let the balm sink in. Failure to do so will result in the lip products slipping and sliding across your face and you'll look like a toddler has painted your face. Not a good look.

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Step Two

Using a lip pencil, trace the shape of your lips starting with the bow and working outwards. Go slowly here and keep cotton buds on hand to fix any slips. We used Maybelline NY Colour Drama Lip Kohl in ‘Fab Orange’, £4.99 which is a lip pencil/lipstick hybrid and the crayon style makes application really easy. Next, fill in the mouth. The matte texture of this products means it's long lasting without being drying and makes a great base for your next product.

Step Three:

Now you want to create the ‘ombre’ effect by introducing a slightly lighter orange/red shade. We used M.A.C Lip Mix in Orange, £14.50 because the liquidy form makes it perfect for dabbing on but you could use a different product in a similar shade and consistency. Apply this to the center of the mouth with your ring finger to make the colour pop. Finish it off by doing the ‘finger trick’. You know the one: put your finger in your mouth and pull it out so the lipstick that would have transferred onto your teeth is now on your finger.

And you’re done! It might be grey outside but at least you’re looking bright. You can try this with a darker, blood red shade too. Try combining Maybelline NY Colour Drama Lip Kohl in Red Essential, £4.99 and M.A.C Lip Mix in Red, £14.50 if you fancy a more vampy take on the look.

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